“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Nov 30, 2011

Baby horse!!!

Missy finally had her baby on Monday morning around 9:15. It was a difficult birth, but baby ended up being fine. The mom is a first-timer, and is having some problems allowing the baby to nurse. We would really love if you would pray that the mare would just accept the baby and let it eat! I think it has to do with mom being in pain, but this means that we have to hold the mare every half hour for baby to eat...through the night, too :)

Nov 13, 2011

Some pictures.......finally!

It's raining!!!! YAY!!!!! I almost forgot what it was like :) And, the winter grass in our front yard is LOVING the rain. I had to go take some pictures...I love our house ♥

The view we get to enjoy from our front porch!

And here is the mare that is going to have the baby soon. I was really praying she would have it last night so I could go to church today, but apparently God had other plans.
This is how she normally looks when she's not pregnant. She is a National Champion halter mare.

And here she was the other day!!! She is even bigger now...poor thing!

Here are some pictures of things that we have done recently. I need to be better at updating :)

This was after capturing Josiah on his birthday and taking him to McDonalds for ice cream. So much fun :)
Me holding Laney at a different friend's birthday party. I think this is a super neat picture!
 These next pictures are all taken at a piano competition I had a few weeks ago. Since I am 18, this was my last year, and I was really excited because I made the top 8 in the Senior division! God is so good!!! So, these pictures are from the honors recital the next day.
Beautiful Anna!!!
Me - relieved that I am done :)
Jessie ☺♥

The INCREDIBLE 9 foot Steinway that I got to perform on!!!

Me with the other kids who made top 8. Me, and the girl right in front of me and the boy right next to me are all graduating this year, so they called us out and congratulated us. It was very neat!!
 So........the next pictures will hopefully be of this foal!! I can't wait.

Enjoy your Sunday! We have SO MUCH to be grateful for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 11, 2011

11:11 on 11/11/11

Well, we have all been sitting around this evening desperately hoping that Missy would have her foal on 11:11 on 11/11/11. She disappointed us. No baby, and it's 11:30. However, she is laying down, and has been kicking her belly and biting her sides violently. Maybe she will still go within the next 1/2 hour and make 11/11/11. I think that's the coolest date.

We haven't been up to much lately because of constantly mare-staring. Getting lots of school done and just kind of hanging close to home.

There are about 35 guys out in our Living Room right now doing the church's men's meeting. I thought it would be hilarious if she had the baby during the meeting. I can see the video...we pan up from the birth and the whole stall is surrounded by men and boys. Oh well....she didn't agree with my idea.

The R family has been living at our house for the past week waiting for the baby with us and helping us watch Missy. I can't wait to meet this baby....

Nov 4, 2011

Baby horse is coming!!!!!!

Lew Sterrett is out in Buckeye this evening and I am, sadly, at home waiting for a baby horse to come. The mare is Missy and she is pregnant by the stud that we lost, so the foal is really special. We are expecting this baby any time!!!!!

We have been reading a book called Heaven by Randy Alcorn. It is really good and gets one very excited about one's eternal home!!!

More later.....off to the barn :-)