“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Oct 30, 2010

Falling Trees, Scorpions, Wishbones.....

Well, today was a very eventful day. Trying to get ready for the Lew Sterrett presentation tomorrow, we had a couple families come help us set up the tent, shades, chairs, etc. When all that was done, Dad and some of the other guys decided to take out a huge dead cottonwood tree in our back yard. After pulling down some HUGE pieces, they got the whole tree down, and proceeded to start cleaning it up.
Here's a video of the guys pulling down part of the tree. I think they enjoyed yelling "TIIMMMBBEERRR" more than anything else :)

Then....we found the scorpions. In the bark of the tree were TONS of gigantic scorpions. (we decided it was evolution...you know, the tree evolving into scorpions) It turned into a game...the younger boys would use hatchets and strip the bark off the stumps and then when they found a scorpion, Mr. K or Geramy would grab it (they had gloves on), and then we put them all in a jar. Final count....16!! And we could have found more.
Dad: "This is heavy!!"

Geramy: "This is easy!...carrying scorpion-infested wood!"

It was fun, until Mr. R got stung. A scorpion crawled up his pants leg and stung his knee. Pandemonium broke lose as everyone ran around getting ice, Benadryl, etc. Everything turned out fine, but it made some of us put on boots and tuck our jeans into our boots so no scorpions could go up our pants! Aaahhh...I hate scorpions!!!!! They're so evil looking!

Here's a video of Dad and Mr. K breaking our "Waddell Wishbone." Yeah, we grow 'em big out here in the country!

So, I think everything is ready for tomorrow. Brooke and I had so much fun because we had so many inside jokes that we would just start laughing about and it was driving the girls crazy cause we wouldn't tell them! We got called "trouble," "cohorts," and "hard working airheads!" (The last was because we were trying to set up tables...and failing!)
It was really fun, and thanks so much to everyone who came and helped!!
Sooooooooo excited for tomorrow!

Oct 23, 2010

Random Facts....

So, if you've seen my "random facts" on the right side of my blog, comment on this post and tell me some random facts about yourself!

A Summary of Our Recent Life

Well...I have tried to hold off on saying that "fall is here" until the weather actually feels like it...and it finally does! I have been running around in sweatshirts/jeans instead of t-shirts/shorts finally! I haven't pulled out my Carhartt jacket yet, though :) Still, when you're used to 109 degrees, 55 feels like freezing! Soooo, it is now "officially" fall and so I changed my blog background to something more "fallish."

I can't wait till Christmas...then I get to start putting lights up on our house. Christmas is my absolute most favorite time of year! Not so much Christmas Day as the whole month of December. We have a ton of decorations that we do our whole house in and so as soon as it gets towards the end of November, I will be posting pictures of a Christmas-y house! YAY!!!

Something exciting is going on here next Sunday (Oct 31st). A man named Lew Sterrett is going to be coming to our house to do church. We have had the opportunity multiple seems to see him and he is amazing. He is a horse trainer to the level of a Parelli, Clinton Anderson, or Chris Cox, but he is a Christian. The whole time he is working with the horse, he is comparing how the horse has to submit to it's human master in the same way our heart have to submit to our Master, Christ. The really incredible thing is that he will be working with a totally out-of-control 2 yr old, and the whole time, he is quoting Scripture, preaching, etc. When I'm working with a crazy horse, ALL my attention is on the horse...I don't know how he does it.

Anyways, our whole church will be coming to hear him, and then we will do lunch in our front yard. It should be an amazing time, and I am really excited.

As a result of him coming, we have been doing fun stuff like re-painting the front porch, fixing shade cloth at the barn, buying EZ-Up canopies, and more. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures afterwards.

A couple weeks ago, we started doing David Quine's High School Worldview Study with the R's and the K's. It is amazing! Right now, we are comparing the Judeo-Christian worldview with the Greco-Roman worldview. This means we are reading the Bible and summarizing passages from that as well as reading the Iliad (Homer) and doing the same. Wow...those Greek gods were some characters! Really messed up, let me tell ya! David is not too thrilled with the Iliad AT ALL..but then again, none of us are. Sabrina says it makes no sense, and Jessie is freaked out by the in-detail descriptions of how guys get killed. BUT..aside from all that, contrasting the two wv's is really good. All 6 of us kids are really loving it. (Except for I need to get better on summarizing!!!!....HA HA HA for those of you who know what I mean!)

After worldview, the K's usually stay for dinner which is usually pizza. Last week, we scraped all the old paint off of the front porch, so we can re-paint it. Then, after dinner, Brooke and I tried to sneak up and scare the girls (Anna, Jessie, Hope, Macie, Sabrina) who were on the front porch, but we couldn't because we were laughing too hard. I don't know why Brooke was laughing...I was laughing cause she was laughing :) Ahhh...it was late and we were crazy tired and rather delirious. And then, she and I tried to have a serious conversation back in my room, but were interrupted by the cold driving the 5 younger girls inside. No serious conversation from then on!!!

Right now, I am actually not at home. Mrs. F asked me to come do some photography at their Pilate Studio (work-out room, basically), and so I am now sitting in her office while she is finishing up stuff before she runs me home. Hadleigh & Laney are at our house with Anna & Jessie probably having the time of their life. They are sooooo cute!!!

Well, I should probably stop playing and go back to...guess what?!?!?...reading the Iliad!!! Did I mention that this study is VERY time consuming??


Oct 19, 2010


So, Mrs. M wanted to sing for communion last Sunday, and she asked if Matt and I would accompany her. It went great, and here are the videos....

Grace Flows Down

In Christ Alone

Oct 4, 2010

Family Camp...my version!

Well...I have finally put together a slideshow of all my pictures from Family Camp. Actually, I had it all made about a week ago, but didn't have any music to go with it.

So, last night when they came over for dinner and a farm tour :), we recorded Matt playing How Great Is Our God/Come Thou Fount/Jesus Paid It All and it turned out just beautiful. Perfect for the video!

I apologize that there aren't pictures of everybody in this...maybe some of you are glad of that :) Comment and let me know what you think!

Oct 1, 2010

Brownies/Cookies....it's late :)

Well....it's sometime around 9:45 PM and we have the men's meeting here at our house. Mom and Anna just got home from the hospital this evening, so we are all pretty tired.

I just went in and told Mom that I reeeeaaaally wanted to go get a cookie (I made really good chocolate ones with M&M's), but since the men are still praying, I am banned from the kitchen area. So, I said that I hoped there were some left in the morning. Then it hit me....Tyler is on a special diet so he can't have any of the sweets!! Which means there will probably be some left for me! YAY!!

When he came tonight, he was dissapointed because we had made two different kinds of brownies (with icing and chocolate chips), sugar cookies, and chocolate/m&m cookies. Normally we don't make so many, and the one night we do...he can't have any!
Sorry Tyler...but I'm really glad you can't have any brownies/cookies right now :) Maybe next time!