“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Dec 31, 2014


And just like that, 2014 steps out the door. 
Makes its final farewells and vanishes.....never to return, never to be re-done, living on only in our memories and dreams. It's been a year fuller than I ever could have imagined. 

It's been full of hardship - and I've learned that God is faithful
It's been full of joy - and I've been reminded that God is so good
It's been full of memories - and I understand more fully the value of family and friends
It's been full of mistakes - and I've seen that God still accepts me even when I'm a failure
It's been full of growing - and God's shown me that pain and hardship are what grows me the quickest
It's been full of wonder - and I hope that the little things never lose their meaning

It's a year I will never forget.....a year that will forever be deeply imprinted on my heart and mind.

 Looking ahead to 2015 is daunting. 
Breathtakingly exciting.

I know that God has a year planned that is full of the marvelous, mysterious, awe-inspiring course that He has for my life. And for your life. 

My prayer for this next year is that my faith grows in leaps and bounds and that I am able to embrace whatever is ahead with open arms and a willing heart. 
Not just willing. 

Nov 2, 2014

We become US

Ten years ago, our family............

met this family.

Right from the start, we just clicked. You know how that works? Some families come into your life and then fade out, and others stick. They stay. Sometimes........forever.

This boy.

At twelve years old, he made me crazy. I was far too high and mighty for my own good, and thought he was ridiculous and immature. 
But man, he had long eyelashes. 

Years passed, and we did everything together. Literally.

Rode horses..............

Shot guns.....

Butchered chickens..........

Attended political rallies and took weird pictures with weird people.......

Had water gun fights........

And whipped cream fights.......

Moved hay........

Did parades..........

Swam in lakes (and took more weird pictures).......

Went camping.......

Had camera wars.....

Kayaked in multiple little creeks in northern Arizona.....

Played in the water..............

Had  crazy birthday parties............

Birthed baby horses...........

Did some archery...........
Shot more guns..........

I took pictures and he drew them......

Did I mention that he's an artist? An ammmmmmmmmaaaaaazing artist?!? 

And somewhere, somehow over the years, the boy grew up.........into quite a man.

Chaser after God.
And blessed with one seriously awesome set of hands.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, I came to rely on this man.....for everything. I wanted his opinions, his approval, his humor - but most of all, I just wanted him. Anything we did was never complete to me unless he was along. 

Two weeks ago, to my utter shock and complete delight, I found out that he kind of liked having me around, too :) He asked to court me with the intention of marriage, and after finding my tongue again, I said yes!!

I'm still slightly in a state of disbelief, but it's becoming more and more real each day.

Oh, and get this - we have always managed to end up next to each other in group pictures over the years..........

And even wrote LOVE on a wall in Wickenburg! :D

So now, there's an "us". And we need you guys to be lifting us up in prayer....because there's no way we can do this without God.

I'm so excited. And so happy.

And the man still has such long eyelashes :)

Sep 25, 2014

See Ya Later!

Well, I'm leaving.................for about ten days. Then I'll be back! To keep bugging you! :D

Tomorrow I go up to Prescott for our annual church Family Camp (YAY!) and then on Monday, I fly to Texas to work the World Show for a farm from Oregon (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!)!! It's going to be busy, crazy, exhausting, and amazing. 

If any of you think of it, I would love prayer over the week I am in Texas. God has really opened a lot of doors for me to talk to others about Him..........lots of different circumstances and hurting people. My prayer is that I would just be filled with love for others, that He will shine through me, and that in spite of my fears, insecurities, and inadequacies, He will still use me to influence these people. My tendency is to be too "careful" - at the expense of saying what needs to be said. I desperately need wisdom and boldness. 

Thank you all so, so much, and to hold you over till I get back, here's a barrage of quotes from my treasure chest!

See you in two weeks or so!!!!!!!