“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

About Me

Hey there! I'm Lisa....well, this is interesting. I've never sat down and analyzed "who I am" before! Here goes....

First off, I'm a Christian. That colors everything else in my life - what I do, how I think, and why I live. My goal in everything is to bring glory to God by my actions and words, and to think of everything from His perspective instead of my own.

Besides that, I'm pretty down home.

I'm the oldest sister to two beautiful girls...

I love horses!!!

I'm an avid fan of epic and dramatic music, and love playing piano.
I'm a photographer!

Animals are a huge part of my life...
 Guns are a not-so-huge part :)

Side note here - I have a hugely irrational fear of loud noises, so it's taken me a while to get comfortable around guns. But, I'm finally at the point where I enjoy them quite a bit...just not quite so much as others I know!
I have a tendency to be goofy and am a sucker for some good humor :)

I absolutely LOVE hanging out with my friends!

I'm a wearer of flip-flops, a lover of books, a drinker of ice tea, and a die-hard fan of chocolate and coffee.

Little kids are some of the most entertaining and precious things in my life - right alongside my sisters and animals :)

I love a good story, a good theological debate, and my camera.

I strive for peace at all costs, hate conflict, run from fights, and look like Bilbo in the Hobbit when handed a sword.

I'm quite a klutz, slightly dingy, and over 6 feet tall!

I have this amazing plan for my life....hard thing is, I really hope it's God's plan. See, that's what hard sometimes. Not knowing. Wanting one thing, but being willing to give it up.

*enters imaginary world* If it was up to me, I'd marry an incredible man who would go out and change the world...you know, stop abortion, or start a revival, or overthrow our government. Together, we'd raise a whole passel of radically conservative children who would continue changing the world as they take dominion for the Kingdom in a variety of ways.

*leaves imaginary world* But right now, I'm just a 20 year old homeschool graduate...taking pictures and loving people. Who knows what God has for my life!

Apart from all this, I live on a couple acre farm out west of Phoenix, Arizona - where the summers are so hot that when you pull your potatoes out of the ground, they're already baked. We have dozens of animals, are slightly eccentric, and are Grand Central Station in our neck of the woods desert. Our house and barn are functional, even if they are held together with duct tape and hay twine.

My life is simple, fun-filled, and blessed beyond belief!!


  1. I just like you. I share your love of flip flops, tea, chocolate and books....and especially kids and God. Keep doin what you're doin sweetie.

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Mrs C!

      P.S. Isn't chocolate the best??? :D

  2. Love this page, love you!!! ^_^ I've SO gotta meet you someday! Your place is red hot on top of my "places o see in the USA". :D

    1. Totally!! I think we'd hit it off completely :) Someday........

      We can go shooting :)

  3. I'm glad you finally made an "about me" page. ;) I always enjoy reading about people! I dislike the loud noises of guns, as well. If I didn't have such a distaste for the loud noise, then I would probably enjoy and possibly even be good at shooting. ;)
    God bless and keep shining for Jesus!


  4. Very cute blog! Your family is beautiful! :)