“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Mar 29, 2014

Back to normal life..........

I survived! What do you know? Last weekend was absolute chaos...complete with standing on my feet for an average of 12 hours a day holding a very heavy camera/lens, interacting with people on a constant basis, about 4 hours of sleep each night, living in continual fear that the pregnant mares we brought along were going to have their babies at the show, having a great time, being blessed by so many people, and coming home with over 4,000 images.

I LOVE my camera and lens even more now...they handled the wacky indoor lighting like the champs they are!

Mom and Beamer were seriously impressive....brought home the blues!

Jessie enjoyed the show....despite her crutches! (BTW, we heard this past week that the Dr thinks she doesn't need surgery!! Praise GOD!)

And a good time was had by all!!

At this point, life is settling back down again, and the next big thing on our platter is the arrival of some new baby horses! Can't WAIT!! The first mare due is the mare I showed last year, so I'm especially excited ;) 

Now that I've gone through all my pictures and organized everything, I'm slowly pulling my head back above water, and really want to keep sharing quotes. So in honor of my return to blogland, here's a deluge! :) :) :)

....especially Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata.

...I have to remind myself of this from time to time.

...actually, PETA might be right ;) 

.....I had a shirt that said this on the back for the longest time. Then it disappeared. I have a strange feeling Mom threw it away :'(

.....yep! I've got friends like this.

.....okay, okay. The dog is cute, you have to admit!

.....guys, you know this one's your fav :)

.....which is why I want to MOVE! Summer is coming!! Aaaahhhhhhhh.....

......and horses.

......and in Him, we find the greatest satisfaction, the deepest fulfillment, and the truest joy.

God bless you all!! ♥ ♥

Mar 18, 2014

I'm Still Here!!!

So sorry for the abrupt end to my nice, consistent, daily posting.....life went haywire on me! God is really using this time to teach me to rely on Him more and more, and to show me that there are some times that I have to rely on the people He has put in my life.

Long story short, we were already bogged down. Spring is here, and that means we're feeding 10 baby birds, waiting for 3 horse babies, raising a litter of puppies (one of which has an oversized tongue, and we're having to tube-feed every three hours round the clock), working horses for shows, and trying to just keep up on the regular chores!

Then, we took a nice break one afternoon and went on a quick hike. And in one accidental misstep, Jessie went from this.....

.....to this.

Crushed and stress fractured her navicular bone, completely tore all the main ligaments in her ankle, horrible pain, on crutches, no pressure on it, and she's scheduled to go in for surgery assessment next week.

We're not a family known for doing things halfway.

So now, we still have all the baby critters, school, teaching piano lessons 3 days a week, the regular chaos, PLUS the four day horse show this weekend that Mom's showing in and I'm photographing. And no Jessie. 

And Anna gets sick. Totally sick...out on her back, unable to help.

In other words, the current situation over here is Mom and I working like maniacs! But it's kind of fun...I love Mom and we work really well together, so we're getting lots accomplished! Tack room is completely cleaned out and organized, the trailer is getting packed, the barn is clean, the horses are clipped.....

But my blog is being sadly ignored :)

I figured I'd post a quick life update just to prove that I am still alive and kicking over here, although after this weekend, my chance of staying so could be doubtful. It'll be exhausting but SO MUCH FUN. You want a little sneak peek at the awesomeness?!?!?

Remember this picture?

It is being drawn by the incredibly amazing, outrageously, ridiculously talented master mind behind www.DavidRonsick.com. David's coming to the show this weekend, too, and I'm so excited to see people's reactions to the finished version of this sketch!!

So there's the past 10 days in a nutshell! This weekend is going to be insane, and I may not be fully functioning the beginning of next week. But God is totally in control, and is still blessing us so richly even in the midst of all our pandemonium. I'm so incredibly grateful for all the amazing friends He's put in our lives. It is so humbling to have so many people so willing to help! I love you all!!!

In conclusion, here's the next picture in my "quotes" folder :) :) :)

Mar 8, 2014


Never, ever believe you "can't" do something.....by God's grace, with hard work, you can pull just about anything off.

Mar 3, 2014

The Secret Life of An Introvert

In the past couple months or so, I've come to realize something about myself that I had never consciously acknowledged before. It has to do with who I am deep down inside, and what my personality is actually like.....and something I'd rather hide. 

Close friends, and even my sister!, have had similar epiphanies lately. They've humbled themselves and come to the realization that they're not tough, impenetrable, anti-social, whatever-else-they-thought-they-were....deep inside, they're actually emotional, sensitive, vulnerable, and soft.

And that is so wonderful! And it sounds so sweet.

My epiphany was pretty much the opposite....and that's why I'd rather hide it.

I'm an introvert!

Me? ME? I'm the one who loves people who are the life of the party, who always wanted to be the bubbly little cheerleader that everyone loves. I love the people who are always in the middle of everything, who everyone needs and who everyone turns to. And forever, I tried to be that person. Shoot, I still try.

But I never could. 

Instead of being inspired, invigorated and encouraged after big get-togethers or conferences, I'd leave exhausted, run-down, and usually with a headache. Horse shows, teaching piano, crowds....I don't do well with them. I'd get home and go in my room, shut my door, throw myself on my bed, and revel in just being alone.

I didn't understand it for the longest time, and I hated it. I hated how when big groups of people are over, I love it and have a blast, and enjoy it, but afterwards, I'm so happy it's over. I felt guilty that after a couple days of a conference or church function, I would need a whole day to recover. 

Then, I read a wonderful definition of the differences between an introvert and an extrovert........
and everything clicked.

They defined an extrovert as someone who gains energy from other people, and an introvert as someone who loses energy when around people. It was like a light bulb went on for me! There were actually other people out there who got exhausted when dealing with other people? It's something normal???

It's taken some time, but I'm learning to embrace my introverted-ness. It's a little tricky because I'm not the typical quiet, shy introvert. I'm a talkative, outgoing introvert. But an introvert nonetheless. I really love people, just in small numbers. A little get-together with another family in the evening....great! A big social event with lots of people everywhere..........run

And talking on the phone? One of the most dreaded and hated things I have to do on a day to day basis. 

And as I've accepted this, it's really helped me understand why I do certain things, and why I react in certain ways. 

I still wish I was an extrovert.....maybe in heaven, God will let me be some little 5'2", bubbly, people-person who gains energy from big groups :) :)

Until then, I have to realize that He makes each one of us perfectly for the plan He has for our lives. If I can live like I believe that, then I can truly embrace my introverted self! :D

Mar 1, 2014

First Dance Song

I'm home by myself....sipping hot tea, listening to the rain outside, editing pictures....chores are done, and I am so incredibly perfectly happy.

And I decided that this is the perfect, PERFECT first dance song for a wedding. Maybe I'll get to use it for my own one day.....if my husband turns out to be a Clint Black fan :)