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~Rich Mullins

Jun 10, 2010

Great new sign!

If you click on the picture, it will blow up bigger and be easier to read


  1. That's great!! But is it 'photo-shopped"??


  2. Hahahaha! We love it... just one thing we noticed...

    Shouldn't it be in Spanish? LOL :)

    You never know Tyler.... With that fancy new camera of theirs. who knows what they can do...... JK, JK, JK. :)

  3. Love it!!! Your funny, Jacob!! You never do know?!?! -Sadie

  4. O my goodness!! My moms friend just posted this on fb the other day!!! Too funny!
    And, no its not photo shopped. The friend of my mom, has a friend who lives right by that sign.

  5. But then again, maybe he was lying...is it me, or do the cactus' look hhmmm funny? idk. haha

  6. That is really funny Mandie! Yeah, our Gparents send alot of things like this to us because they are very into politics!

    Where is the sign at??

  7. Haha yeah..
    The guy that posted the picture of which he says he lives right by, says its South of Tucson!:)
    that sounds really funny in my head. haha I'm so tired...

  8. Lisa!!! You have to watch the video I just posted on my blog!! WOW!!!!

    Citizens in AZ hide cameras and film hundreds of illegals/drug traffickers crossing armed in the desert. It is a invasion. That sign might not do any good.

    One video I saw was such a joke, two (2) border patrol agents chasing a group of twenty(20) illegals! After they left the camera view another group of twenty passed by ten minuets later. Crazy!

  9. Yeah, you have to watch the video that Tyler put on his blog!!! Crazy! I think the sigh is real and not photo shopped :) -Sadie

  10. I'll go watch the video. I have no idea if the picture is photo shopped...my grandparents sent it to me, and I though it was too funny not to post.

  11. Tyler! That video is unreal! Those packs of drugs just blew me away. I showed it to my dad, and he was totally incredulous. Where did you find it? I see it came off of Hannity, but how did you get it?

    That needs to be made REEAAAALLLYY public!

  12. Is was on fox's website, but they got it from the two websites mentioned in the video. The better one was borderivasionpics.com, where there are some real incredible videos. BP agents called in by camera crews chasing illegals, every time they are way outnumbered.
    But they are brave, one or two BP agents arresting 10-20 or more illegals, at night. There's women and children (like age 3) in some of them too. Some groups have about 50 people in them. One had about ten trucks go by with about 25-30 people in the back of each one.

    BTW I never have heard the word "incredulous" before. ;)