“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Oct 1, 2010

Brownies/Cookies....it's late :)

Well....it's sometime around 9:45 PM and we have the men's meeting here at our house. Mom and Anna just got home from the hospital this evening, so we are all pretty tired.

I just went in and told Mom that I reeeeaaaally wanted to go get a cookie (I made really good chocolate ones with M&M's), but since the men are still praying, I am banned from the kitchen area. So, I said that I hoped there were some left in the morning. Then it hit me....Tyler is on a special diet so he can't have any of the sweets!! Which means there will probably be some left for me! YAY!!

When he came tonight, he was dissapointed because we had made two different kinds of brownies (with icing and chocolate chips), sugar cookies, and chocolate/m&m cookies. Normally we don't make so many, and the one night we do...he can't have any!
Sorry Tyler...but I'm really glad you can't have any brownies/cookies right now :) Maybe next time!



  1. When I left, which was pretty much after everybody else did, there was at least a whole pan of brownies and at least a dozen cookies left. ;( :(
    David said there was no competition for them, so there was plenty left over.

    If you learn anything from this, the more you make, the more likely there will be something left.
    We're on this diet until early Dec, I think we'll be off in time for the Dec meeting.

    I forgive you for your gladness, no hard feelings.

  2. Why are you glad he can't have any?

  3. Ha ha...there were sooooo many cookies and brownies left on Saturday morning that we were amazed! Tyler, you must usually eat so much of what we put out.

    Perry, you are going to have to up your baking skills to keep up with this boy!!! :)

    OK, Tyler...we'll make December's meeting a really good one as far as desserts go.

  4. Well, see, what Tyler neglects to recognize is that the December men's meeting is on December 3, and well, the 3 month diet doesn't end until December 5. And what he also chooses to overlook is the fact that he missed the first 19 days....technically he's supposed to continue 19 days longer than us. I told him not to worry - he'd still have a Merry Christmas - in fact, he'd be ready just in time for goodies after Christmas Eve caroling!! ha ha, that's a mom for ya!

    Sorry Tyler....hate to burst your "can't wait 'til the December prayer meeting" bubble!!

    Oh, and Perry won't have to worry...if she doesn't bake it he'll just do it for her! He's been our primary cookie baker for a couple of years now! Seriously. :)

  5. Guys seem to be the best cookie makers, let me tell you. My best friend's brother makes KILLER chocolate chip cookies. But, typical teen, if you tell him they're good, he thinks you're making fun of him....grrrr....