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~Rich Mullins

Apr 3, 2011

Touch of Class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOODNESS! The show last weekend was so much fun! It was four days of just pure horses, horse people, and more horse things! Everyone was extremely supportive, encouraging and helpful. Both of our horses behaved perfectly, and did very well. We were winning in the open classes - which means we were beating the pro. trainers! Very fun...and even in the classes where we didn't place so well, trainers would tell us that we deserved to win. It was such a blast, I am totally hooked, and can't wait for the next show. The not so fun part was that after sleeping in a barn for four days, we all came home EXHAUSTED and sick. But, aside from that, it was fun. Here are tons of pictures and a video of my mare

Kailey with Belle...Belle was a dog who belonged to one of the trainers and followed him like a shadow. Jessie and Kailey kept stealing her from him and thought they were sneaky. But Justin always knew they had her..it was funny :)

Quintessa Radiante Caruso...one of my FAVORITES!!!

And his trainer, Casey Campbell.

Aimee....one of the nicest people there!

Me....yes, I wore lots of makeup :) For the first time in my life....

This is Jessie's favorie pic of me

The crew at our "house"

THANKS Hope for doing my hair!!!!!

Sunday night after the show....exhausted but happy! One of my friends told me I looked like a Greek goddess in this outfit, but after the worldview study we are doing on ancient Greece, I just couldn't take that as a compliment!!!!! ha ha ha

(if you look closely, I have on my boots under the dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

ROADSTER.....such a fun class!

Except for the fact that I had to wear a cap...oh well

Yes, there is a first place ribbon on her bridle. This was in my open class!! Go Justine!!!

Halter class.....

And random pictures of our driving classes

OK...this was practice time...back to jeans and a t-shirt :)

Championship class on Sunday night


  1. Hi Lisa!

    I love all the pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun and you look great! :)

    Thanks for the comments on out blog- it was great to hear from you again!! I'm glad you enjoyed all of the posts. Yes, Daisy is a Great Pyrenees and our other dog, Pansy, is a mixed Great Pyrenees (we don't know the other mix :). And yes, we love are dogs too. Great Pyrenees are such awesome, nice, and loyal dogs!

    Feel better soon!



  2. Your Welcome! (:
    You looked so pretty.( :