“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Dec 29, 2011


So....I got my own laptop for Christmas! Yes, I was shocked. But, now I need to come up with my own email address, and I am totally at a loss.

Can someone help me? Please, please, if you have any ideas, comment and share them with me.

I am looking for something obviously God-centered. I'd love to get something "cowgirl" or "country girl" in there, and I would love to come up with something I can use for my photography at a later date. If I like it enough, I will probably also change my blog address to it.

Any suggestions???????


  1. Use your blog title. Its what I did for mine, and its sorta become my official title on the web.
    Besides that....
    Christian Cowgirl for Christ,
    Cowgirl with a Camera,
    Cowgirl with a Camera and Piano,
    Just start randomly throwing things that are you together in different orders and see what happens! Its what I did!

  2. Thanks, David...only problem is that I don't really like my blog title. I want to change it and then use the new one as an email. I like Cowgirl with a Camera.....

  3. pictoral cowgirl
    music n minis
    countrified pianist
    every pixel captive

  4. Ooooohh....I LIKE "every pixel captive." A LOT!!! That might just be it, Jordanna! You are awesome...thanks!

    I like "God's Country Girl" but I think a certain friend of mine might call me a copycat.....

  5. You know what...what about "Every Shot Captive." Shot rhymes with thought.......

  6. Actually, that sounds violent

  7. Agreed on both the copycat thing and violence. I thought of several names involving shot... and thought better of it :)

  8. Every shot captive - I LOVE it!
    Funnies aside, Every Pixel Captive is good. Maybe a bit un-original (in the sense that the every __captive is rather common)but not bad.
    I would call you a copycat.

  9. Hmmm... I like "every shot captive" but I see what you mean. Only if you use it for blog or photography, it should be obvious how you mean it(at least it was to me- which probably isn't saying too much :)

    I thought of...

    Christ loving cowgirl
    His own cowgirl
    only His cowgirl

    let us know when you decide on one!! That is SO NEAT about the laptop!! Just for the record, I always liked your blog name. :)


  10. yeah, anything " every [umph] captive" is fairly unoriginal, but it gets a point across. Bud's business is everybytecaptive.com.
    pixelated cowgirl ;p
    Maybe shots only seem violent to those of us who look for all things gun.
    I would say, whatever you do, avoid choosing another something with a number. Numbers usually just end up confusing matters. What David said about his official title on the web is good. People notice continuity. I am some form of cowgirl wherever I go.

  11. Thanks, everyone!

    David - I figured you'd like every SHOT captive... :)

    Savannah - Thanks. The main problem with my blog name is that it's too long. I'll definitely let you know when I make up my mind.

    Jordanna - I totally agree about the numbers. I have regretted my blog name since the day I made it.

    I don't really mind an unorginal name. Thanks so much for the suggestions. Right now, Every Pixel Captive is top, but I'm going to give it a day or two more before I decide. I don't want to regret this one :)

    Have a fabulous Friday!

  12. Ok, I had thought of this before I saw Jordanna's post, but ransomed pixelated cowgirl did come to mind. Its a bit long, but try mulling the ransomed part around with some other things for a while and see what it produces. Like Ransomed Pixels, or Ransomed Cowgirl, stuff like that.
    You can always change your email address, so don't flip yourself out to much.

  13. Right. I like Ransomed. There are lots of cool little phrases. Especially in Romans, Philippians, and Hebrews. I think I need to just do some reading and see what God puts on my heart. If you come up with anything else, let me know.

    I'm not flipping out :)

    See you tonight...off to do chores and load carts and harnesses!

  14. Ok off topic, but do you know that on your blog, the sidebars are squished, making it VERY hard to read? the text kinda has to run longways down the page, since there is no room width-wise. Just so you know.
    p.s. I am switching and am no longer commenting as my first name, but my Web title. Just so nobody gets confused.

  15. Woooow. Never noticed that :) How do I fix it?

  16. Go to template. Under live on blog, click customize. Then choose a different layout. If you like this layout, you could try adjusting the widths instead (you will see that option when you get there). But if you are going to move your blog, you might not want to spend the time messing with it. Hope that helps!

  17. Boy, have you gotten a load of comments off this post! Who knew it was that simple ;)

  18. Lisa,

    I am way behind on all these comments but I agree with the one you posted above.....seek the Lord....He knows your future and His plans for you. I will also post my thoughts that occurred to me as you asked the question? I thought... Shinin' 4 Christ.......Why this you may ask? Because as long as I have known you I think you shine for Christ. You have a sweet spirit and a desire to honor the Lord in all you do. This brings me to the verse I have been thinking on a lot lately. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:15 As you live for Him and He lives through you do all to and for His glory.....may your Father in heaven be glorified ( meaning...may others say Wow! what a great God Lisa has ) .....whether it be in music, photography, or any other good work this is a great goal to seek, not only for you but for me too! This verse is a great study because the verse before says that we are the light of the world.... and our light cannot be hid.......sooooo.......if it can't be hid it may as well Shine! I'll pray for you as you seek Him.

  19. Hi Lisa!

    I've loved looking at your blog! Especially your photos: They are gorgeous! I've dabbled in photography before, so I can really appreciate a well taken picture. :D

    As for a name, I've found the simpler it is, the better. :D Christian Cowgirl, or Christian Country Girl is what you are. :) However I'm sure God will guide you in what name you should choose. He did for me! :)

  20. Thanks again everyone!

    Jordanna - thanks so much for the tips on how to rearrange. I think I'll leave it for now, and start fresh with my new blog. I may be contacting you for help at some point, though!

    Mrs G - It is SO GOOD to hear from you!!! I miss you all so much. Tell Justin a late "happy birthday" from me! I hope you all are doing well. I really like the name! I love that verse, too. That is totally my goal in everything I do...that others would see that my God is BIG and can do AWESOME things!

    BushMaid - Thank you so much for the compliments on my pictures! I loved the photoshopped picture you have on your blog. Thanks for the name suggestions, too!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  21. Okay, just skimming through the comments, I saw "everyshotcaptive"... that's great!! ;) Wish I could come up with something to help, but my brain's fried at the moment! You'll have to keep me updated on your new addy and blog!
    Miss you all!

  22. Hey Lisa, when you come up with an email address, why don't you leave a comment on my contact page with it. Or you can ask Perry or David for my email :) Seems more efficient to email than comment on each others blogs ;) Just a thought, if you don't want to that's fine. :)

  23. When I come up with an email, I will definitely get yours, Jordanna. It would be great to email back and forth...we can share good books :)