“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Oct 2, 2012

Reserve WORLD CHAMPION!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Mom just came out of her first class here at Worlds, and she won RESERVE WORLD CHAMPION out of 28 horses!!!!!!!

Incredibly tough class and they did SO WELL. We are absolutely ecstatic, praising God, and on cloud nine. It seems unreal!!! Design was beautiful and I can’t wait till the next class on Thursday!!!!

It is sooo funny to me...here we are the hillbillies of the show - we do our own training, pull up in a beat up Ford pickup truck with 5 crazy girls and a dog, have our barn decorated with curtains from Wal-Mart, and are sleeping IN THE BARNS - and we get Reserve!!!

When they announced it, I was floored. For a second, I just stood there, and then almost hit the ground. We all started screaming and going crazy and Mom and I started crying. As we went up to the winners circle, Jessie jumped over the rail and came  running out to us. She and I tried to high five each other, but were too worked up, totally  missed, and ended up just locking arms :)

Mom went around with a beautiful victory lap, and we floated out of the arena LOL

I'll try to keep everyone updated, but this is AMAZING!!! Such a blessing, and Design has been such a jerk all day that this was solely GOD who could pull all this together. We were praying before Mom went in, and she said, "You know...if Design does well, it's all God because he's so crazy there's no way I can physically control him."

SOOOO excited for the rest of the show!!!

Oh, and a big huge THANK YOU to everyone at home who is making this possible for us! My dad, Dave, Matt, Mrs R, David, Noah, Linda....you guys are AWESOME!! Such a blessing and we are so grateful for all of you!!!!

Lots of love to everyone from here in Ft Worth!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. *squeals!!* Way to go, you guys!!! So happy for you, and so thrilled that all your hard work in getting their paid off! :D God is awesome! ^_^

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is wonderful!!! So happy for y'all! =) Praise the Lord! =)

  3. God cracks me up sometimes. He uses the small things (or the hillbilly) to confound the mighty (and fancy). :D

  4. Wow that's great!! Congratulations! :D

  5. Lis, I just wanted to let you and any others here that follow my blog "Moments in Time" to know that I have changed my blogger address to: http://momentsintimetheblog.blogspot.com/
    So that's where you'll have to go to see my blog now. :)
    I hope all is still going wonderful out there!

  6. Oh I can hardly contain the excitement!!!!!! Hugs, high fives , and a HUGE congratulations to everyone! Mark and I had our short time in the "show world" I can totally see this scene unfolding! Glory Be To God, Great Things He Hath Done! We wre all excited for you! We will keep praying!

  7. Wow! That's awesome, Lisa! I know nothing about this stuff, but it's still awesome! (And your mama is really pretty.)