“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Sep 3, 2013

Update and Ta-Ta For Now!

In just a few days, we leave for Oklahoma for Nationals.....can someone say "excited"?!? As a result, I will most likely be absent from here for the next couple of weeks. Unless they have really good wi-fi at the show grounds.

That said, I wanted to post a quick update of our recent life. I've been waiting and waiting...trying to find time to edit these pictures, but it's not happening. So, some are edited, some are not - just be a wonderful person and ignore the imperfections.

I do have one "real" (as in deep, serious) post that I would *love* to finish and post before we leave, but I have my doubts.

Starting back in June.....annual church campout! Only a couple families got to go, but it was a blast and very special :)

Did some more surfing :) No better way to stay cool, I tell you!!

Moving on to July......went on an incredibly fun hike with a great friend. It was up in Sedona, and while the trail was rather hot, it ended at this gorgeous swimming hole with freezing water! One of my most favorite hikes ever!

August rolled around, and we celebrated the 20th birthday of this amazing friend...most often known as our oldest brother :)

This picture......I love it! The dear little thumb-sucker is head over heels in love with David, and is hard to pry away from him. To everyone that knows her, this is just so her. Thumb...David...awesome.

Yes, he is attempting to hunt crawdads with a bow. 'Nough said.

We also had a wonderful graduation/he's-a-man-now party for the same amazing young man. It was so wonderful to hear all the challenges and encouragement he was given by the men from our church. So grateful that God has placed us in a group of people who are trying to follow Him so wholeheartedly. 

Last but not least, yesterday was our annual church water day!!!!!!! WOW was that fun!! Slides that are enjoyable to no end, epic water fights, and many bruises and random sore body parts later....it was a blast.


A dear friend from church got this last picture...and I was so thrilled to have it!! I have hardly any other action shots of myself, so this one was just priceless :)

And with that, adieu, my dear friends!!! Have a wonderful next couple of weeks, and keep reminding yourself that all your worth and value are found in Him. He has every moment of your life in His hands and has a plan for it...the best plan.


  1. You have no idea how encouraged, uplifted, inspired and just wholeheartedly day-making your posts are to me, especially with your photos! The absolute joy and zest for living y'all have makes my heart swell in such a blessed and happy way!! Y'all are wonderful, and I honestly cannot WAIT to come visit someday! Have an awesome time at the Nationals, and I hope you guys win! Love ya heaps!!!

    1. When I first started reading your comment, I thought, "What post did she see?!?" LOL

      Glad that this encouraged you today!!! I sooooo look forward to when we can meet in person. I think we will have so many similarities that they may have troubles prying us apart :) :)

  2. Thanks Lisa! I've been dying to see lots of these pictures. :) SO much fun! We will miss you guys for the few weeks that you're gone, but I know you'll have a blast! I can't wait to hear how you guys do!!!

    1. I know, Emily!! You have waited so patiently...I'm so sorry about the delay!!!

      P.S. It's looking like a *yes* for Friday, but I will let you know for sure later! SOO excited!!

  3. Absolutely Awesome Photos!!!! I love all of them but I think my favorite is of Mrs. C ( if my eyes are seeing this correct ) coming down the slide! She makes me chuckle! I, like you, am so thankful for the photos of life posted. Helps us stay connected while we are so far away. Praying for your decision on a future post, AND, an incredible time at Nationals, All for His glory!!! Asking God for safety as your travel, health for all of you and the animals, and as many ribbons as He allows!!!! I do so hope you can post some while you are there but the opportunities that God gives you to be fully where you are is so Important too!!!!

    1. Yes, that is Mrs. C!! She is so special :)

      Thank you for your prayers!! I will try my best to keep everyone updated. I came down with a nasty, nasty cold today, so trying to just rest and fight it off so I can be in tip-top traveling shape. LOL

      Love ya!