“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Mar 3, 2010

Music, New Foal, Hiking...

The beginning of this week was an eventful one! First, we had a lot of fun on Sunday. When we were driving down our road to go to church, the clouds were down really low on the Whitetank Mountains, and so the girls started saying, "Let's go hiking later!"

At church, Tyler, Anna, and I played a neat version of Come Thou Fount for communion...here's the video

So after church, we got the Ronsick boys, and Tyler, Sadie & Zane and we went out to the mountains. We had a lot of fun, and hiked for about one and a half hours. When we got back, we grilled hamburgers. Down a little ways, there was a group of people camping, and we heard the words, "Nature talk." So, most of the kids crept around and listened...the "talk" was done by evolutionists. You can imaging the comments from some of the more enthusiastic kids when they came back - David & Jessie, for example! We had a great time, and hopefully are going out to hike the long trail this Saturday! Here are some pictures....

The sky on the way up was gorgeous!

All ready to go...

Starting out...

We conquered the mountain...

And back at camp...tired!

Also, Morning FINALLY had her baby! Monday night...little boy, and all is well! He is tiny, tiny, and so cute.


  1. Hey Lisa!

    The pictures are great! I must admit, the weather there looks BEAUTIFUL! Oh well.... my time will come when it is summer. Until then, I guess I'll just freeze! JK :)

    God bless! ~JG

  2. Yeah, there will come a time this summer when I will be dying of heat here are telling you all that your weather is BEAUTIFUL!

    We watched you playing Be Thou My Vision on your blog...it sounds great! I am going to try to put a video of us doing Come Thou Fount on my blog right now...it didn't work last time I tried.


  3. Hey... great job on your song! Keep up the playing! You guys arranged that right? I'll have to send you the arrangement for Be Thou My Vision if you all want it.


  4. Actually, if you have ever heard Mark Schultz's version of Come Thou Fount, we stole the bridge part from that. Of course, the arranging of the dulcimer/viola/piano was all ours...we had a lot of fun!

    I would love the Be Thou My Vision arrangment...we'll have to see if we can get that together, because, as you know, we love that song. Finding a good version is hard, though...


  5. I've never heard his version but I'll have to look it up. It sounds like a good arrangement. It is fun to arrange especially when you have random brain cells floating around that just randomly connect to form great ideas! Hahahaha... :)

    I can send that to you all. I have your email so look for it later. I'll try and get to it. I have an extended version which is the one that Alison and I did or I have a slightly shortened version. Which do you guys want????

  6. Hey...I don't usually have random brain cells floating around.... LOL!!!!

    I guess send the longer version. Thanks!!! Can't wait to get it!