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Mar 29, 2012

Touch of Class Pictures!

As promised, here are some pictures from Touch of Class. My sister Jessie posted a lot on her blog at http://horsesareevidenceforhim.blogspot.com/2012/03/touch-of-class-pics.html and so I am going to try to post pictures that she didn't post. If you want to see more, go check out her blog :)

I AM Ranch arrives at the show!!!

This is where we slept for the weekend :) This is one of the stalls in the barn!!

Boots and sweatpants...hmmmm.....It's awesome ;)

Us with our (short) friend hahaha

The "view" from the "porch" in the mornings

Freezing cold baths for the horses and freezing cold showers for us weren't so much fun

Our "house"...we're staying right inside the door on the left.

Me heading for Jess in her roadster class. LOVE her little mare!!

My big brother hanging out in the barn!!

This wonderful and adorable family from church stopped by. I love their little boys!!!

They *used* to both fit in the same cart.....


Our hilarious farrier with her knight errant

Joking with the judges in lineup

The most beautiful horse and my mom
She definitely stood out!!

Can you pick out the lady in the red dress???? :D

Me and Jessie window shopping

Me warming up Design

Me showing Design

The amount of money people have sunk into this is amazing. This trailer is absolutely incredible

Jessie and Cam in open roadster...which they won against the biggest trainer in AZ!!!!

Nnniiiiccceee color ribbon there

LOVE this colt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He won 2 Supremes. Casey, the guy showing him has just been absolutely cleaning up in the halter arena lately.
But, this is what he does when he's not winning :D

And this is a picture I got to take of that fantastic colt. I just love him.

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