“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Jul 6, 2013

Letdown {short story}

**             **               **

It wasn't a big deal. Honestly, it really wasn't. Compared to everything else going on in the world, it didn't even qualify as a drop in the bucket. Only a very small group of people (relative to the billions of people on this earth) even knew it existed.

But it mattered to her. It was a big deal to her.

Which was exactly why this was so hard to swallow. She had worked for this...hard - blood, sweat, and tears hard. Dreamed about it...and dreamed big. Gotten excited for it...more excited than anything else in a long time. Planned and schemed and pictured it in her mind a million times...and she fantasized well.

And now...this letdown. This huge, painful, incredibly disappointing letdown.

But honestly, it wasn't a big deal at all. At least, that's what she tried to tell herself. Attempting to distance herself and think realistically about it, she told herself countless people had life much, much worse.....this was such a small thing. But somehow that didn't help.

She next tried to comfort herself with a reason. Obviously God didn't want them to do this...maybe they shouldn't be on the road at that time...maybe they were needed home for a special reason...maybe...maybe...maybe....

Maybe there was no reason at all - at least none she needed to know about. Maybe God was just way, way big and had a plan too expansive and wonderful for her to begin to understand.

Maybe she just needed faith.

Faith to accept that this was the Plan, to be content with her situation, and to rejoice in the trial.

**             **               **

God's been working on me lately!! Trusting that He will bring me to completion in Him...


  1. Not going to worlds eh?
    I understand, and am glad you see things the way they should.

    1. You're quick. And right. A $6,000 new AC unit trumped it.

    2. Well you ave two options.
      1. Live in no ac for a LONG time in the Az heat
      2. Pay for new ac
      Things boil down (Literally) real quick don't they?

    3. I was willing to do the "no AC" option, but got voted down ;)

  2. So sorry Lisa. :( I hate it when things happen like that... Disappointments are hard to swallow, but don't let it steal your joy or form bitterness in you. Those cost a lot more than letting go in the long run. Phil 1:6. xox

    1. Thanks for the reminder :) And the verse!! Love ya :D

  3. Wow Lisa, if you were willing to go without AC in AZ, then that was a pretty SERIOUS let down! So thankful you are trusting God through the trials of your life. I know your desires are on His altar and I am asking that His ever loving kindness reveals itself to you during this difficult training time! Love, ya! {{{{big hug }}}}