“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Oct 26, 2013

Fun videos :)

Taking a break from always posting pictures to post some recent videos.....some of us, and some that just make me happy :)

This first one is all 3 of my sisters and I playing the piano at the same time. This was our encore piece for a recital we did the end of summer

This.......this is the most exciting thing EVER! The last two clips are of me showing my mare, Treasure, at Nationals, and the first couple clips are the amazing stallion she is in foal to. I cannot wait for this baby, but I'm scared to death and praying that she foals safely. She's due in March 2014.

Late nights at the World show = sheer hilarity.

One of our gorgeous 2012 fillies growing up!!

Our stunning 2 year old filly playing with Jessie. This little girl is a moving machine and so much fun to handle. Mom's currently breaking her to cart.

And this one.....because it's so hauntingly beautiful. And makes me eternally regret not learning cello.

Saving the best for last! Thor is coming back......and I can't wait.
Favorite. Superhero. Movie. EVER.

Okay, I lied. Had to slip one picture in here at the end. Yesterday afternoon was a beautiful time of fellowshipping with this gorgeous family. The pictures of this little girl and horse are some of my new all-time favorites. More to come!


  1. What? Avengers totally trumped Thor - Way trumped.
    You should go check out the new Captain America Trailer! Now THAT is epic.
    Sorry - my two cents on super-heroes is now spent. : )
    Kung Fu Piano is awesome. They need to do Pirates of the Caribbean.

    1. Nope. Never. This is one I'm not changing my opinion on.

      Thor. Is. Better.

      In my opinion :)

      I really wasn't wild about Captain America...maybe the new one will be better. There's my two cents LOL

    2. Right, the Cap movie wasn't as great as it could be, but Avengers is still better. The Cap movie had epic potential, but didn't fulfill it. Still, go check out the new Cap trailer - epicly awesome.
      I like Avengers better. Period : )

    3. If you have the link to the trailer handy, send it to me.

      In my opinion, Capt America is #3, Avengers is #2, and Thor is #1 :) :) Period.


    4. They're all basically the same movie, guys. Just say you like the new Marvel "series" best and call it a draw. ;)

    5. Ahhh, but we're both typical oldests and don't know how to call a draw ;)

    6. True enough. *grin* I'm an oldest too, so I should really tell you to keep arguing, but I'm also an older oldest than both you oldests, and I have to set a good example, so I have to tell you to call a draw. *shines halo* ;)

    7. *defers to older, most angelic being*