“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Nov 1, 2013

All In A Night's Work

Our evening consisted of attempting to track down random gunshots,
the world's best hamburgers,
running down the road in the dark with guns and flashlights to save a howling banshee cat-in-distress,
a downright hilarious and highly competitive game of Charades,
and fighting scorpions with our bare hands.

Say hello to the Redneck Avengers....out to save the world with shotguns and SureFires.

Beat that, Tony Stark.


  1. Get me a shield and call me Cap. :D Wait, that's too sophisticated. What weapon would a redneck version of Cap carry?
    We sure do have a jump on Iron Man - He didn't eat near as good, to be certain. And besides - we really *can* save the world. : )
    I like that title - That's what we should rename the Dalesickpyles to. The Redneck Avengers - Bringing about peace and hilarity to the Phoenix valley, one banshee at a time.
    Josiah could be Iron Man since he has all the techies (without the ego of Stark)
    I would be Cap,
    Since Noah likes building things (which involves hammers....) He could be Thor.
    Wait, since I do archery I would have to double as Hawkeye *and* Cap....
    This is getting weird..... and Fun :D
    You three girls could team up and call yourselves.... something...... Medic crew?
    XD XD JK.

    1. Waaiiitt.....you get to be TWO characters at once?!?!? *gasp of indignation*
      I'm kinda liking this! Except, who are us girls? I refuse to be Black Widow....Jane's good, though. But she's not technically an Avenger. Hmmm...we'll have to do some thinking!!

      Bringing peace and hilarity to Phoenix, and confusion to the neighbor with the banshee :) :) :)

    2. Well, I wasn't originally setting out to be two, but the archery of Hawkeye blended with the My favorite Character of Cap. Hawkeye's character stinks, but he shoots a bow like I do, I love Cap's Character - so it fit - kinda.
      Poor Banshee.

    3. Just sounds like they need to make a new Avenger to fit your personality and hobbies :) :)
      That little cat was the funniest thing of the whole night..... :D

    4. Let's just make our own! We'll have a team of rednecks, each with their own gift and weapons, all defending the universe.
      Ok, kinda corny... like...epicly corny....but fun nonetheless!
      I kinda wonder what was going through Vic's mind...

    5. Now you're talkin'!! We'll have an "Avenger Name" for each of us! Let's do it!! :) :)

    6. Is this a closed Avengers group, or can any redneck join? ;)

    7. As far as I'm concerned, it's not closed!!! What will your name be?? :) :)

    8. Yay!! ^_^ Oh goodness, no idea for a name. o.O My nickname based off my username is Tumbleweed... But that's not very awe-inspiring. XD

    9. Too funny!!! We'll have to work on it :) :)

  2. Well I'm just glad I don't have the ego of Stark. I was getting worried when I started reading me as Stark. What do you have in abilities Bushy, we'll think of something.