“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Feb 21, 2012

15 random things about me :)

So, I'm copycatting a good friend of mine and posting 15 random things you may not know about me. If you know anything else, post it in a comment!

1. I love horses...big horses most of all, but little horses are awesome, too :)

2. My whole life, I have had people guess that I am older than I am because I am tall.

3. Almost every time we are in a store, someone comes up to me and says, "Wow...you're tall." I always want to say, "Wow...you're observant."

4. I cannot walk outside without wearing sunglasses...or "shades," as my teasing friends call them.

5. I have this weird, unnatural fear of loud or unexpected noises...such as opening those Pillsbury cans of biscuits *shudder*, or balloons popping, or fireworks, or guns... :) And I have friends that love to take advantage of this fear!!

6. The first "big" book I read was The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe when I was 3 years old.

7. I was an obnoxious toddler. I would literally sit down on our kitchen floor and pound my head on the tile because I would get so angry.

8. I have always been better friends with guys than with girls

9. My favorite verse is Psalm 139:14 "I will praise You for I am wonderfully and fearfully made; marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows very well."

10. I have a huge aversion to rap/rock music. A huge aversion. Absolutely cannot stand it.

11. I love the story of Joseph!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12. I have ridden every discipline of horse except for a cutter.

13.When I laugh really hard, I wrinkle my nose, and I've done it since I was a baby.

14. I am a dingbat and a klutz....One of those people who may be a brunette, but acts like a blonde. If someone in our family is going to fall down the stairs or say something ridiculous, it's going to be me :)

15. If I get into any sort of physical fight/wrestle/sword-fight/water-war, I am a wimp. I'm ridiculously passive and easy to intimidate ;)


  1. That's a fun post!

    #2 - I ALWAYS have people think I'm older than I am. I use to like that, but I don't anymore. :) What's really bad is when they think I'm the mother of ALL my siblings!!! YIKES!!! :)

    #4 - How funny! I HATE sunglasses!! :) But I'm sure it's better on a person's eyes to wear them...

    #5 - I'm very much the same way. It's not the noise (I don't mind really loud ones) it's just the not knowing when to expect it!!

    #9 - I love all of Psalm 139 - such a sweet scripture - very awesome!

    # 10 - Couldn't agree more!! :)

    Hope you're having a great week! Always enjoy your posts!!

    Love to you,


  2. I only didn't know 11.
    Want more?

    Is very possessive over a certain chair in the living room.

    Pinches sibling under the table with her toes.

    Randomly used to hate and lover her horse, sometimes both within a couple of minutes, maybe even at the same time.

    That's all off the top of my head, I'll think of more later.
    Funny stuff sis.

  3. Thank you, Savannah! It is funny to me how similar we are even in little things like fear of sudden noises :)

    David, I was cringing when I saw you posted for fear of what you would say :D You're the only person (except for my family) who knows me well enough to put anything scary on :)

  4. I'd like to differ with your comment on David. But for your sake I won't.

    1. Alright, Josie - I will do exactly what you want me to do and say that I am curious...
      Go ahead and differ. I want to hear what you would have to say :D
      I'm scared.....

  5. Really enjoyed this, Lisa! :-)

    When I have some time, I'm gonna copycat you and David and do one of these posts on my blog...you'll have to check it out once I write it :-)

    1. For sure!! Looking forward to it@

  6. Apparently, only dingbats and klutzes cannot stand rap music. I must admit, I am happy to be one as well...

    And those shades will eventually make your eyes sensitive to light. Hey, it's youth.

    Yes, the story of Joseph is great!


  7. Well, I am 100% with you on #10, I HATE, I mean DESPISE rock/rap music, makes me sick and gives me headaches. I tend to be a klutz too, never have been that coordinated, maybe it has something to do with my giant feet.

  8. Pinecone - well, if being a dingbat/klutz comes with not liking rap music, I guess I don't really mind being said dingbat/klutz :D And, you know, I originally started wearing shades because my mom has a bubble on one eye from too much sun exposure, so she said it would be good for my eyes to wear them. Now I am hearing opposite....hmmmmm :)

    Flame of Jah - Aha! maybe you found the answer...I have giant feet, too :D

    Welcome to my blog, guys!!