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~Rich Mullins

Feb 6, 2012

Senior Pictures

We have decided that I am going to "officially" graduate this year! I am really excited, but the problem was that we decided on Saturday, and I have to send everything in by Wednesday...oops.

So, we did some "senior pictures" on Saturday. It was pretty funny because I was trying to pose and tell the girls what to do with the camera. Here's a sample of what happened...

Me: Make sure the focus is on my face and not my shirt.
Anna: I can't get it focusing right!
Jessie: Give the camera to me.
Jessie: I can't get the angles right.
Anna: Give the camera to me.

And so it went :) Here are the best ones. I am having troubles deciding which is the best *one* to send in to AFHE...any of them jump out at you as the best? If you click on them, they will blow up to full size.


 Okay...so on this picture, I didn't realize my jeans were tucked into my boots. I had been taking pictures of Jessie, and in order to get this one shot that I wanted, I had to stand in a ditch full of very deep sticky mud. So the solution was simple. Tuck jeans into boots and the boots can handle the mud...but then I forgot to un-tuck them. Oh well. Gotta love a country girl!


  1. Simply Amazing!! Difficult choice..but my first response was #11.

  2. Very pretty, Lisa! I think my favorites are #11 and the last one.

    How exciting that you're officially graduating!

  3. My family likes #11, too. That might be it :)

    Thanks, gals!!!

  4. #4, 16 and 20 are my favorites!

    Congratulations :)

  5. I think 6,19 or 20 are my favorites - they just look natural and capture "you!" 11 is pretty nice too. They are all beautiful - just like you!
    Early congratulations!
    Mama K

  6. Congratulations Lisa!!! So excited for you!!! :)

    The pics are great - hard to pick a favorite!!! You come up with some of the neatest poses. Next time we're going to do pictures I should talk to you! :)

    Looking forward to seeing which ones you chose...

    Love you!

  7. Great pics! Here is our favorites........5,11,17,20........sure hope we numbered them right. Got so caught up in looking that we would loose our place :-)


  8. Thank you everyone!!! I ended up going with #11, but I edited it a little bit more. I wish all you out of town friends could come for the graduation!!! It's in June.... :)

  9. Replies
    1. Really? Really?!? Really?!?!?!?!?!?!?

      Or are you just playing with me? :)

  10. Replies
    1. Oh, you're mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Email me your mailing address so I can at least send y'all an invitation :) *wishful thinking*....

  11. Such pretty pictures, Lisa! I loved them all.
    You're going to have such a fun day the day of graduation. Just be sure to get a reeaalll good nights rest the night before. ;)

    God Bless

  12. Will you be at AFHE ceremony June 1?

  13. I sure will!!! Gabe is going to be there, too!

    I'm soooo excited :) Will you be there?