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~Rich Mullins

Apr 22, 2012

Animal Photo Challenge

I am SO grateful to Sadie at SadiesPhotographyBlog.blogspot.com for hosting wonderful photo challenges...the only problem is that she picks exactly the things that I love shooting. And that means I have a whole bunch to choose from!!

This time around is "animals". Yeah. I have lots and lots of animals :) But I was able to narrow it down to a few of my more creative shots.

Tell me which one(s) you like!

A litter of Papillon puppies!! They are the cutest and funnest dogs!

One of our baby birdies :D
"Sir Winsabuck" World Grand Champion Single Pleasure Driving stallion (miniature that is)

This picture is super special to me. This is my big horse, Chief, who I got when I was 11 and just sold about a year and a half ago. Technically, I trained him, but he also trained me in so many ways. I still miss him so much and dream of riding him again one day. 

This shot is SO him. He had that funny little worried look sometimes, especially above his one blue eye. Everything in this picture spells "CHIEF" from the dirt stains on his face to the bridle I showed him in for years...it was taken the day we sold him.
One of our gorgeous Lab pups!

JACK! Adorable baby mini!!

Bri...a little mare that we are selling. We did a shoot of her a couple days ago and I just love how this picture turned out.

Hey Vaca Lena...working cowhorse/reining horse. Amazing gelding that I got to photograph because the owner (friend of ours) was selling him. Super cool horse!
So there you have it! Tell me which one I should pick to enter :D


  1. I like the bird one and the one of Chief the best :)

  2. You've got a great eye for photo's Lisa! It's a hard decision.
    I personally really like the last one of the horse. The head shot of the world champ is really good, I like how crisp and clear he is, while the background has some motion blur. However, I think that the fact that you can't see his eye is distracting. It's like looking at someone with sunglasses on, you just really want to be able to see their eyes. The birdie's really cute too! I bet it took awhile to get all of the puppies to stay lined up long enough for a photo right?
    What kind of post processing do you do? It looks like there's some edge darkening on the last one of the horse, or is that just me?

    1. It took about 30 shots to get the one good one of the pups ;D They're not to keen on sitting still at that age!

      Post processing...oh boy!! Every picture on here is edited by Adobe Lightroom v3 :) On a regular image with pretty good exposure, I'll normally add a little detail in the blacks, up the contrast, add some clarity, and up the colors just a tiny bit. Every shot has what is called a "digital haze" and 3 minutes of tweaking can make a picture loads better.

      Of course, if a picture is under/overexposed, or has some crazy shadows, then it requires more.

      And, I add a vignette (darkened edges) to almost every picture. On the shot of Reggie (reining horse), I used Lightroom's preset vignette that basically puts a darkened circle around it. On some, I'll do more selective "burning." Like on the picture of Sir (World Ch mini), I didn't want a perfect circle because I didn't want his neck getting darkened. So instead, I used the "burn tool" to just darken in front of his face a little bit to "pop" him out some.

      Sorry about a long answer :) Picture editing gets me excited...I still have SOOO much to learn!!

      Have a good one!

  3. I love the one of all the puppies and the one of Chief :) The puppies are just so adorable!

    Tag! You're it now! Head over to my blog irishragamuffinslilsister.blogspot.com. Also, I'm doing a photo challenge. Just thought I'd let you know since you're so great at photography!

    1. Thanks for thinking of me...I'll check it out!

  4. Ooooh!!! Lisa these are so good! Again, it will be hard for me to choose. ;) The first one with the Papillon puppies makes me squeal! Sooo cute!!! :D

  5. Okay, I like the row of puppies and the one of Chief. Those puppies are just perfectly adorable... they have baby-faces!! :)