“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

May 31, 2012

Feeling professional!

Okay, guys...I just gotta tell you...I am so not cut out to be a businesswoman. Which, I guess, is a good thing in some ways. But, it can be a bad thing in other ways.

It can be bad when you have just photographed a show, have orders up to your eyeballs, and have no idea how to set up a bank account. And other small details like that.

On the other hand, I am having so much fun with my photography "business." And finally, I am starting to feel a little professional!! I now have my own website (www.atruefocus.com), have made money on orders, handled different circumstances where people want their prints matted or framed or the thousand other possibilities, but the biggest thing I'm excited about right now is....

I now have my own "signature"!!!! Not just a watermark that goes across the middle of my photos so people don't steal them, but my own little logo.

My wonderful friend David over at GodsCountryBoy.blogspot.com came up with this for me. He is an incredible artist (check out his art here http://godscountryboy.blogspot.com/p/artwork.html) and was willing to put this together in a huge rush so I can start shipping orders.

I have it in black or white!


And it looks amazing and, well, professional on pictures!!!
God is so good!! I was actually really nervous about this show that I did because it was going to be my first paid photo job, and I was just feeling a lot of pressure. So I started praying that I would just be able to relax and do this for His glory. He just really blessed the whole thing. The day was gorgeous, the pictures are fabulous, and I am happy. 

For so long, I've been trying to find my "thing" that I can do to make some money right now, and eventually (Lord willing) use to bring in some extra income for my family. I tried piano teaching - not my "thing" - and a couple other different things, but photography is IT. 

For Him!!


  1. Did you mess with it any? It looks better than when I did it for some reason. It actually looked like it was done in some high-tech graphics designer program, not in my sketchbook sitting on Mom and Dads bed.
    I don't know what looks different, but it does. It looks too - perfect. Like, not drawn with goofs (like I draw).
    Great anyway! Glad it turned out fine!
    ( Hmmmm...maybe I should charge royalties on it......)

    1. Nope...I didn't change a thing! Just upped the contrast. You're really that good :)

      Royalties...hmmm...I could take your senior pictures for free??? Oh yeah, I should probably do that anyways considering you're helping me build a cage huh?? Hmmm....

    2. Yeah, once we get that silly thing together. :P
      Besides, is the cage the only reason I would get them free? That's kinda depressing. I have visions of hay stacked ten feet high, sweaty guys and a watch that says 16:04 in my mind.
      Happen to know where those came from?
      Jk. :D I enjoy helping around your place.
      I already have loads of ideas for pictures when I do graduate.

    3. I know, right?? But at least now we know that we've been doing it sideways *sarcastic grin*

      Poor David...only appreciated for your muscle and occasionally your technical brain. My visions of hay and sweaty guys and watches include two sweaty girls...we don't make you do all the dirty work :) LOL Besides, if you're all burned out, we have new recruits who are more than willing to take your job.....

      Oh, I know. Your senior pictures are going to be a blast because you're so dramatic ;) We should go out to the desert. On the bike trail there's an old doorway up on a hill that Jessie said would be awesome for pictures. It'd be quite a hike out there, but if we could hit it at sunset, it'd be worth it.

  2. Wow!! That signature looks fantastic! Awesome work, David! :D As a designer/artist, I really love making things look professional. (even though I couldn't be any farther from the description in real life) Congrats on doing so well with your photography, Lisa! You really do have a gift for it, and I'm glad you are using it to glorify God. :D

  3. I like it! It looks really nice on the picture. (Pretty horse, by the way.) The barb in the middle of the 'L' is just great :)Reminds me of what I did yesterday--fix fence; I enjoy fence work.

  4. That's fantastic, Lisa!! God has really blessed you in this, and I am so happy for you! <3

    Great design, David! :)