“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

May 28, 2012

Technical difficulties of graduating!

First off, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!! And a HUGE thank you to anyone out there in the military, or anyone with a family member in the military! God bless you and thank you.

I am very happy right now. I finished school today!!!! YAY!!!

And, I'm graduating on Friday! But, there have arisen a few technical difficulties that I need to tell my wonderful blogger friends about and get their prayer and opinion.

First: We have a mare ready to foal, and if she doesn't foal by Friday, my mom won't be able to go to my graduation. So please, please, P.L.E.A.S.E., pray that she foals this week!!!

Second: I have to dress up. My normal attire is a t-shirt with jeans/cut-offs and boots/flip-flops. So I think to myself, "Great! I'll wear my denim skirt with my bling flip-flops and a nice shirt." Then I read their email, "No denim or flip-flops."

"No denim or flip-flops?!?!?!?" What are they thinking?

So I go shopping. And find nothing modest and pretty.

Then my aunt calls, and tells me that she has a dress that she'll send me that is gorgeous. And, boy oh boy is it GORGEOUS!!! It's my favorite color, with a low waist-line, and sparkles! The prettiest piece of clothing I've ever touched. But is it too fancy?

Goodwill here I come. I found a really cute, simple, little black dress.

Sooo...which do I wear? You tell me. Jess and I ran out in the front yard tonight and took pictures of me in both dresses. (Please, please ignore the fact that I have been medicating sick horses all day, and am very dirty...just look at the dress and picture me on graduation night all "made up")

Black dress :)

I just thought this was really cool how it turned out.

And the amazing blue dress

Thanks for ANY input anyone can give me!!

Oh, and if you would like to see some of the pictures from the show I photographed a few weekends ago, you can see it on my photography blog at http://atruefocus.blogspot.com/2012/05/adcs-arena-trial-in-prescott-az.html#more

Here's a sneak peek picture :D


  1. Well, they're both pretty....
    Personally I will almost always choose a "little black dress" because it is I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E to go wrong with a classic, feminine look.
    This may seem like a random thought, but remember that your graduation photos are pictures that are landmarks. Likely, you will still have them in a photo album 20, 30, or 50 years from now. I can't stand looking at pics from the 70's because, to me, they seem sooooo dated. And outrageous. Black dresses are always in vogue. Their shape changes, but the concept doesn't. Decades from now, will you still like those dresses, or will they shriek "2012!"
    Just a thought... They both look very nice on you.

  2. Wow! Both are stunning! I'm partial to the black for the occasion. Praying for Mama to be at graduation.

  3. Dunno.... try both! JK
    I actually would have to say the black suits you best.

    1. I am a guy, lol, but, I would say, you can't go wrong with black, ever.

  4. The blue dress is very lovely on you...but I think I would go with the black dress. It can go both ways, fancy or more causal. (In other words, I figure you can't be over- or under-dressed in the 'little black dress'.) Either way, I think you look very pretty in both :)

  5. Defiantly the black dress. You look really pretty in both, but I love the black dress! Congratulations :)

  6. They are both good, but I like the black dress best.

  7. The blue dress is gorgeous, but for the occasion, the black dress is perfect. I'll be praying that the mare foals soon! So excited for you!!! :D

  8. Wow...thanks everyone! I must say, I expected the blue one to be the favorite hands down. But honestly, I'm kind of glad everyone liked the black one.

    @Jordanna - good point. Especially with my love of pictures, I would be devastated if I ended up not liking my pictures from that night because of the dress I was wearing. I wish you could be there!!

    @Mrs. C - thanks for praying!! Are you all going to be able to come?

    @David - oh boy. I can see that...wearing two dresses at the same time. Not a good picture.... :)

    Everyone else - thanks!! I wish all my out-of-state friends could come!! I'll post pictures, though ;) No surprise, huh??

  9. Hey.....Lisa......I like the black too......but the blue is beautiful. I wanted to encourage you.......we did not know until after plans were made that Mr. G might not be able to make it for his graduation. We were going to back out but instead, we prayed. God was so faithful. The other families changed the time just in case and he was still able to make it. It was a hard decision but the peace came from the prayer. knowing God's will was perfect which ever way He chose. We are going to pray that Mama will make it and that the mare goes early. Praying for you..........enjoy this moment, ask God to help to remember specific things that will encourage you in the years to come. Much love, Mrs. G.

    1. Thank you so much, Mrs. G. That is a wonderful reminder. And thanks for praying....I appreciate you a lot. Your family is a blessing.

      We will be praying, too, and I'll keep you updated. I wish y'all could come!

  10. Hey Lisa!

    I see everyone voted for the black dress! To tell you the truth, I was partial to it myself (before I read all the comments!! :) I LOVE the bluse dress, but I always like to be sure I'm not "wrong" with what I'm wearing and I don't think you can go wrong with the black!!

    Save the blue though for another occasion - it's so pretty!!

    Wish I could be there!! Congratulations on finishig!! Praying your mom can make it.



    1. I was wondering what you would say :) I'm the same way...I hate being over-dressed.

      I so wish you could come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Thank you for praying.

  11. I too would have said the black one but I think I am commenting after the graduation. How did it go? Congratualtions & Happy Graduation! :)