“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Feb 16, 2010

Voddie Baucham talking about Sarah Palin

So I got curious to find out what other Christians were thinking about Sarah Palin running for president. I googled "Sarah Palin Titus 2 woman" and found an awesome video with Voddie Baucham telling why he believes it is wrong for her to be in that position of authority. In this video, Voddie is talking on CNN, and there is also an "Evangelical Speaker" from Alaska who is really wrong on what she is saying. She uses Eph. 5 and really twists the meaning...and Voddie does not back down at all! He is really good! I really, really hope that it doesn't get down to Palin vs. Obama.

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  1. Your video is not working. But if you make a new empty post and save it as a draft your (don't puplish it) video should work again.