“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

May 10, 2010

Horse show..maybe a TX trip?!?!?

Well, I got some exciting news today. This is all just a maybe!!!

Actually, this part is a for sure...I am going to show my stallion, Warrior, in our first mini show on Sunday! I have shown my big horse for years, but this will be my first time showing a mini! I am so excited, and my mom is even going to show Zig Zag! We are planning on just going for fun and maybe getting some ribbons?!?!? (crossing my fingers!!!) But, here's the exciting part.

The big show for the AMHR (american miniature horse registry) is Nationals in Texas in September. In order to qualify, you have to have shown under four judges. There are two at the show on Sunday, and then there is a show in Norco, CA in July with two judges. That would qualify me for Nationals! We have a friend named Denice who actually is the one who got us into minis to start with. She will be going to Norco and TX, and has room to take me! My mom is actually considering it!!!!!! I would love to go and show and it would also give me a chance to go out of state. If I got to go to Nationals, I would be leaving sometime in the first week of September. For me, this rivals Tyler's Ireland trip! If you read this, Tyler, I know you probably cannont understand how a week at a horse show can even begin to compare with a trip to Ireland, but...that's just how I am.

One of the major setbacks to me going would be that Denice has a teenage daughter that shows, but she has a boyfriend. If he goes, that would definitely put a problem in the way of me going. The whole boyfriend thing does not make sense to me. Even if you weren't a Christian and didn't believe in God's standards for physical and emotional purity, there is an element of common sense that is lacking. In my perspective, if you have a boyfriend, it is very exclusive. For example, if I was dating one specific boy, I couldn't be friends with multiple boys because the boyfriend would be jealous. Why not just be friends and enjoy open, pure relationships with boys instead of pairing off with one and not enjoying the friendship of the rest. Because, more than likely, high schoolers tend to break up soon enough. And breaking up...that is just practicing for divorce, another terribly wrong act. Some of my best friends are boys and it would be silly for me to not just be friends. I'm not old enough to be married anyway!

Anyways...once I get going on this subject, I tend to get carried away! It is just such a prevalent problem in our culture, and so many young people don't even see the danger in it.

So, I will definitely put pictures and hopefully video from the show on Sunday on here. Please pray for the out of state trips; I would LOVE to go, but want to also do what is best...


  1. In regards to your below post : wow! sounds like a pretty busy weekend!! It WAS hot that day. We were at the zoo for most of it and I think I had a little bit of heat exhaustion!

    How exciting!! That would be really cool if you got to go along for the trip! Haha, I think going on any trip, whether it be Ireland, or Texas would be pretty exciting! I haven't been outta state in....6yrs!!

    The whole boyfriend thing. Well, I'm not even going to start!! lol
    I will say this, I agree, and have to differ. ...in a good way. :)

    Praying for ya! :)

  2. Well, the only time I have ever been out of state was 13 years ago to Montana. Jessie wasn't even born yet, so I don't remember it at all. Same thing...I would love to go on a trip to ANYWHERE!! It would be so much fun to just get away for a little while right now.

    Now you have me curious because of you're comment on the boyfriend thing???? Maybe we can talk at church or something...or just tell me to bug off :) Are you dating someone?!?!?!? JK...

  3. Exactly!! I remember going to little rock and TX when I was about two, and Cal. when I was 11 but thats about it. (lol I say it like I've never been anywhere, but it was a loooong time ago! ) Mom and dad want to go back to Cal. sometime this year..but I don't know.

    Bahaha! No, I'm not dating anyone silly!! No, I won't tell you to bug off. And well I think talking about it at church would be best, otherwise you just might have another novel planted here! lol :)

  4. Yeah...I figured you weren't; just had to ask!! You should know that I am just like my mom and ask people lots of questions, so if I ever am too annoying, tell me. OK, we'll talk at church. I won't be there this Sunday cause of the horse show, but maybe next Sunday....

    Oh, and BTW, novels are my favorite :) LOL

  5. Hahaha yeah!!
    Yeah, hopefully I am able to make it next Sun. and this Sunday! Haven't been to church in awhile. :/

    Ooh really?! lol