“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

May 8, 2010

Our Saturday...

Well, Saturday was a rather interesting day. It actually started Friday night with the men from church having the prayer meeting here. So, to start with, we were up late because of that.

Then, I had to get up early because a friend from the neighborhood was coming at 8 AM to pick me up, so I could videotape his horse that he is selling with the new camera. After two hours of filming that, I got home around 10.

By 10:45, the R's were here so that we could move the 64 bale squeeze of hay that had been delivered to us earlier in the morning. They also brought their horse, Sawyer, so that Mom could shave him while we moved hay. Normally when we move hay, me, Jessie, David and Tyler can move a whole stack into the barn in just under half an hour. Well, today, Tyler wasn't able to come help us, so it was just me, Jessie and David. Anna and Kailey helped for a little bit, but their allergies kicked in, so they went to the house. Noah is a good helper, but he needs a little more height and muscle! Between the hay being green (which makes it really heavy), not having Tyler, the heat today!, and all of us being tired, it took us a long time to move it all. By the time we were done, we were whipped. We still had fun...we plugged my ipod into the speakers at the barn and blared music the whole time we worked! And, of course, we talked, talked, talked, laughed, joked, and made a less than ideal situation into a pretty fun time! But, we were still exhausted. Next time, I think we'll wait for Tyler!!!

After all the hay was moved, Mrs. R and Noah went home, and David came in and we all changed into clean clothes and ate lunch. It was pretty amazing how sweaty we all got! After lunch, we still had to get their horse back to their house, so Anna, me, and David walked all the way to the R's around 3:30. It was so hot!

Then, when we got back, Mom and I headed out to almost Wickenburg (Grand and 163rd Ave) to pick up a pair of birds from our friend. We arrived at her house and realized that we had forgotten both nets and/or towels to try to catch the birds. The birds were loose in a 20x50 foot aviary and they would bite our fingers off if they could! But, it takes about 30 mins. to get to her house, so we decided to try and work with whatever we could find back by the aviary. Well...all that was back there was a fishing net! So, we went in the aviary and, well...long story short, after a lot of stress, birds getting tangled up, and some funny moments, we got them both caught and came home.

So, at the end of the day, I was exhausted, sunburned!, and sore, but we got a lot of stuff done!

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