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~Rich Mullins

May 3, 2010

Competition Results!....

So......my teacher called this morning with the results from ASP. For this competition, I had to play five memorized pieces plus take a two page written theory test. The students are divided into levels 1-12 and it is supposed to go by grade level. That way, after level 12, you are technically ready to go for a music major. Well, I was level 12 this year!

Just to give you an idea, I was getting a 92-94 average score on my practice theory tests. When I mentioned to my teacher that I would really like a 100 score, she said that a 100 on a level 12 test is nearly impossible. In fact, she said that if you got over a 95, it was pretty amazing and the other teachers will be talking about it.

Anyways, I got a 98 score plus a Superior with Honors - the highest you can get! I was sooo happy!!!!! I am really not trying to boast and am really sorry if I sound that way. I just read this and realize that I sound a little proud of myself... That is not how I want to come across at all.

The five pieces I was playing were:

1. Clearness in Rapidity (Czerny)
2. Partita in Bb Major - Corrente (Bach)
3. Moonlight Sonata - Third Movement Presto Agitato (Beethoven)
4. First Nocturne (Chopin)
5. Rodeo - Hoe Down (Copland)

The fourth one is the Nocturne that I am playing in the video on my videos page, and I am also putting a video of me playing the Beethoven Sonata on right now.

In the video, I am playing it at a recital back in December, and if you know this song, you will hear that I mess up and skip a lot right in the middle. This was because I had actually had the stomach flu the day before and I was NOT feeling good! But, I really wanted to play, so I went ahead and played despite feeling rather queasy. Because of not feeling right, I was really shaky and totally forgot part of it. So anyways, if you're not familiar with this song, you may not notice, but if you know it well...well, that's what happened!!! I competed with it in November and did really well, but now I can't find that video! Actually, you can hear part of it in this video. http://www.blip.tv/play/hP1Wga7ATgA The horse is Heaven, Turbolina's baby from October. She is only two weeks old!


  1. Wow!! Thats amazing!! Congrats on such a high score!! I have absolutely no idea what that means since I don't do competitions, but sounds really great!! :)) Actually , 98 is high for any score. hehe

    Ill be sure to watch the vids soon.. :)

  2. Basically, there are approximately 50 questions, with 2 points per question. So, in other words, I only got one wrong...I even know what it is. I said that Bach was Austrian and he's actually German. So, not a big deal at all!

  3. @ Lisa, Even I know that one, (thanks to Humanities in college)!!! LOL ;)

  4. I see I see. Well, thats cool! :)

  5. Tyler...I was way stressed, and just couldn't remember. Question for you: Is Brahms Austrian or German??

  6. @ Lisa, Who is Brahms??? LOL

  7. Are you kidding?!?!? ha ha ha...very funny, Tyler.
    You know...Johannes Brahms, the famous composer!! :) If you don't know who he is then you're worse off than me not knowing what nationality Bach was...at least I know who Bach is.