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~Rich Mullins

Jan 21, 2012

Beamer and Cameo pictures

On Jessie's birthday, she wanted to hook up her little mare, Cameo, put on her show dress, and do some "professional" pictures...as professional as it comes when I'm behind the camera :) I thought some of you may enjoy seeing what it looks like when Jessie dresses up!!

 After seeing how her pictures turned out, I decided I wanted some of my boy, Beamer, so we hooked him up and took some of him. I just love him and can't wait to show him in the spring!!!



And this is him out of harness...I love the color on this picture!! Lightroom is awesome!

This is an ad that I made for him using the new pictures. It is the best one I have ever done, and it also got me my first real photo job. I have been asked to be the official photographer at an ADT (Arena Driving Trial) in May!!!!! I'm SO excited!


  1. The pictures are great, Lisa! Thanks for sharing them. The ad turned out great, too. How exciting that you were asked to be the official photographer for an event in May!! Congratulations!

  2. Thanks!! I'm really excited :)

  3. Great pictures lisa! Your are becoming a really good photographer! Have fun with the photography job!

  4. Oh! Great pictures!! You'll be hearing from me soon. :) Still trying to get settled...

    Lots of love!


    1. OH, goodie! I can't wait :)

      Love to you, too!