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Jan 3, 2012

What if...

What if you were writing a novel and had to pick a name for the "good guy." What would you name him? He's the hero of the story....the really, honestly, Godly good guy.

Any ideas? I need a first and last name for a guy. And one for a girl if you have any ideas, but she's not as important yet :)

I've heard two different opinions on this.

1. No one really has "hero" names. Name your characters simple, honest, down-to-earth names like Jim, Dick, Ted, etc.

2. Everything is in a name. It can convey worlds about a person's character. Choose your names carefully and make them sound like how you want to portray the character.

What do you all think? I have my opinions, but am totally open to changing them. Comment and let me know!


  1. Personally, I love original names that no one else would pick. :D However I do know that it is the character that makes the name, not the other way around.

    If you would like some good ideas for names, what I usually do is go on baby name generators online and choose names by meaning. You can pick names by colour, animal, plant, emotion, nationality, etc. etc. and it has given me loads of ideas! Sorry I wasn't more helpful in the names area though: I am not very good at choosing names!

  2. I'll have to go with opinion 1. I like the idea of the hero having a simple and common name because I think it helps the reader relate to him more. Also, I think it helps make the novel more realistic.
    -Brennan C.

  3. Wow, you actually want normal names. You were always razzing my about my ordinary names.
    One thing that always helps me, is that the letter that starts the name gives a huge impression. If the name starts with H, you visualize someone with facial hair. If the name starts with T, you visualize someone tall, clean cut, and clever. If the name starts with A, you tend to visualize someone who is pretty straight laced and normal. If the names starts with S, you tend to visualize someone who is sneaky, underhanded, and a low-life. Its incredible how much that first letter makes an impact. Granted, your first impression off of the first letter isn't always way the person is all the time, but it can have a huge impact. That first letter even defines facial expressions for me. The second letter is equally important, because that makes the person sound tall or short, rotund or petite. My personal favorites are T, J, M, N, R and D (of course) :)
    Try sounding out names starting with certain letters and see what your first impression right off the bat is - there is a good chance people will think of the same thing.
    Hope that helps!

  4. I am in agreement with BushMaid. Try thinkbabynames.com You can search by meaning and whether you go simple or bold, it can still be meaningful. I like strong names, but that's just me :)

  5. I'd never heard that perspective before, David. Made me chuckle. I see your point, though

  6. David...I wasn't asking for ordinary names, I was asking what people thought of that opinion. Yes - I do razz you. I think too ordinary is just, well, too ordinary :) I had never thought of the first letter making such an impression, but I see what you're saying. Mmmmm...

    Brennan...thanks for the thought. I think it does help people relate, and the character definitely does make the name, not the other way around.

    Jordanna....I'll try that website. Thanks!!

    Well, you all are great, but there was no actual name suggestions! Come on guys?!?!?!? Help me out here!

    What do you think of "Danny McAllister?" Too perfect sounding?

  7. WAAYY to perfect sounding. Sounds lie some movie star who got his ordinary name took away and given a cooler one, like from Marion Morrison to John Wayne. Besides, the last name give one a reminder of the horrible clothing brand Hollister.
    Danny isn't bad. Randy, Mark, Matt, Trevor, Nathan, Jimmy, Johnathan, Jordan, Rick, Tyler, Tim, Tod, etc.
    Notice those all fell into my favorite starter letters. :)

  8. I know, seriously?!?!? I am just super, super bad at last names. I like Danny, Randy, Travis...but last names just really throw me off... help?

  9. Jackson is a fantastic last name, as are Pendleton, Roberts, Carmichael, Anderson. I, for one don't like the name Randy. Just my opinion. Sorry to any Randys out there. How old is this hero? 'Cause Danny sounds like a little boy. Travis sounds like a bully. But you could do Dan. That's a thouroughly masculine, honest sounding name. I would lean away from androgenous names like Jordan. Go for something distinctly male. Have you considered Frank or Justin or Seth?

  10. Ooohh...Justin Roberts. That's kind of neat.

    "Sorry to any Randys out there."
    You're funny!!!

    The character is in early to mid twenties. I know what you mean about it sounding like a little boy, but I have always really liked the name Danny for some reason. My first piano teacher had a grown son who played a mean fiddle in a country band. I think that's when I started liking the name :)

    I also like the name Josh. But, I already have a Josh in my story.


  11. Never thought of Jordan being androgynous. I always thought the girl version of Jordan was Jordanna. :)
    As for last names, try the phone book! I know at first you will be thinking you can't do that because they may read it someday, but the odds that any random person you pick out of the phone book will ever read your story and feel odd about it are kinda slim.
    I personally think David is a pretty good name.....
    Davidson is a good last name, off the top of my head. Just don't name your character Harley. XD It wont sound right unless he rides one.

  12. I knew a girl named Jordan...used to ride with her.

    Hmm..never thought of the phone book. I'll have to try it.

    Yep. David. Awesome, manly, Biblical, "tough", totally guy-sounding name. Only problem is that if I named my character David, I would get accused of naming him after someone I know....

  13. I'm working on Calvin :(

    He's totally confusing me with his points on baptism. He misuses Scripture and then contradicts himself. I'll talk with you about it if you all come over later. I'm almost done, though...finally :)

  14. I've always liked the name Jim for a hero. I'll just put a few randomly picked names down that I like you might could use. :D Ryan, Mark, Levi, Jacob, Jack, Andy, Edward...

    Fredericks, Callahan, Andrews, Crowley...

    Some to make you think, anyway. :D

  15. I like Mark...but already used it :) I like the last name Callahan.


  16. I know this is off-topic, but I wanted to share a link with you. Aubrey Hansen (read her book... it's good!) wrote a "drabble." (For a definition of what that means, see the end of her post.) Anyhow, it interested me, and I thought, in light of our conversation, you might enjoy it.

  17. Have you come up with a name yet, Lisa??

    My only actual name idea is 'Seth'...yeah, it's already been mentioned. As far as last names, I generally read through lists of last names (google it :) specifically relating to where my story is set. (One story was set in Ireland, so I looked up lists of Irish last names.)

    As a personal preference, I like when people's names have a meaning that somehow relates to the story. For the last story I wrote, I made up the character's first name and then gave her a middle name with a meaning that tied into the story.

    Other than that, I don't really have any thoughts...sorry to be so long in actually getting this comment written!

    Have a great weekend!