“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Jan 14, 2012


We had a wonderful day out in the desert shooting guns with our church! It was soooo much fun, and so good for me because up till now, I have been deathly afraid of guns. I shot, and shot, and shot! I think total, I shot four different .40's, a 9mm, a 3" magnum 12 gauge, a .270, a .380, a .22-250, a .22 rifle, and probably more that I don't remember. But, tonight, I am way more comfortable with a gun than I was this morning!

We did all sorts of fun things like a trap shooting competition (which my dad won!), an impromptu handgun competition where you had to do push-ups or run around to get your adrenaline going, and more.

Thanks so much to everyone who let me shoot their gun (Mr. R, Mr. H, Brennan, David, Josie, and my dad)! I have tons of pictures, but need to edit them before posting. Here's a few fun ones...

Jessie with the .270

Brennan with his mean 3" magnum 12 gauge!

Josiah with his .22-250. I loved this gun!!

David with the AK 47


Jessie with Brennan's shotgun...she shot it quite a few times, and has
a terribly sore shoulder to show for it. This thing kicks!!!!!

Me with Brennan's shotgun...one shot was enough for me :D

Brennan with his shotgun!

This is what happens when you shoot a can with a .30-.30!!!

Me shooting Brennan's .40.
(hmmmm...I wonder why he's laughing at me?!?!?)

Mr. H aiming at a clay pigeon

The winner of the trap shoot!

Don't worry...David didn't flatten Brennan...he's doing push-ups before
the impromptu handgun shoot off :D


  1. That's what we did today too (only with out of state family)! Our gun count came out to a 7.62, a 12 gauge, a 20 gauge, a .22 lr revolver, an 1858 .54 muzzle-loader, a .380, and my .243. We had a trap also and I couldn't hit a single clay ;p

    For someone uncomfortable with guns, you sure have the lingo down :) Looks like y'all had loads of fun!

  2. *gapes* I suddenly want to pack up and move to America so I can come and do that with you guys. :D That looks like it was AWESOME fun!!! :D I love doing gun stuff with my Dad and brothers! :D

  3. Actually, that can I shot with my .270. I shot a peanut-butter jar with your dads 30-30, but it wasn't that messy.
    That first pic is with MY gun!
    You also shot a .357 I believe, and maybe my dads .38.
    @ bushmaid.
    I didn't know you could own guns in Aus. I thought all guns were banned.
    Oh yeah, its heaps of fun out here.

  4. You can own guns in Australia. My Dad has a .270 and a 12 gauge shotgun, my brothers both use a .243. Only trouble is, the government makes it very difficult for you to use them. :P One must have tags for shooting game, you must have very specific licenses for what gun you want to use, and I think it's very difficult for you to buy handguns. :P Much is the pity. Also, they won't let you just buy a gun just because you want one. You must have a legitimate reason for wanting to buy a certain type of gun, else they won't let you have one. All this before having a place to actually use them... :P

    The AK47 looked like good fun. :D I've fired an M4 before, but though it was a real one, it was only in an army simulated shoot so we didn't get real rounds.

    Lisa, two shots of a shotgun was enough for me when I tried it once, too! :D

  5. @Bushmaid
    Even worse than a regular 12 gauge, Lisa was shooting (and I shot it too) a round of 3" magnum buckshot. OUCH. That's called stiff kick.
    Tyrannical government stinks. Here in Arizona its about as good as it gets. We won't even discuss California.

    1. O come on, it'd be fun to talk about "caly". (Note the lowercase)

  6. Jordanna - shhh...but I had to ask my dad what every single gun was called so that I didn't sound totally ridiculous :D I did learn a TON though!!!

    BushMaid - Come to America and go shooting with us sometime...lots of fun! More specifically, come to Arizona! We are one of the gun-friendliest states.

    David - I know it's your gun. I LOVED your gun! Yours and Brennan's 9mm were my favorite handguns. I actually never shot the .357, but I did shoot your dad's .38...forgot that one :)

  7. Oh, and David, I couldn't remember if you shot the can with the .30-.30 or the .270...so I figured I had a 50/50 chance and just guessed...and failed :D

  8. Hey, looks like y'all had fun. I'm sure it was considering that I now know how much fun it is to hang out with your family and David's :-)

    As far as shooting, though, I don't think I ever have...at least not that I can ever remember. Except maybe once when my brother got a BB gun years ago, and I'm not even certain if I did then.

    Also, I was wondering if you could either email me your home address or leave it in a comment on my blog (which I obviously wouldn't publish). We had something to send your way, but I can't find the paper where I wrote it down in AZ. Thanks!!

  9. I'll go put it on your blog.

    We had so much fun! We went hiking again today for Jessie's birthday and took David and Noah and the two oldest kids of the family who you met their grandma. So much fun! I'll post pictures at some point.

    1. I appriciate the very specific why in which you stated our accompanyment, especialy since that was a most very distant relative, not anywhere near our grandma. Maybe at best one of our grandmas 18 siblings. But most probably one of her who knows how many cousin-ish relatives. To figure out whom it was the close relative names are as follows... spohn, hoodenpyle, andrew. At any rate I apologize for the horrible spelling.

    2. I don't remember the exact name, but we called your dad and he said it was some relative. So there.

    3. I'm sorry I concede my case.
      For the time being.

  10. I have an idea for a new shirt...

    Don't flatter yourself cowboy, I was looking at your gun.

    1. Funny. But, you're not nearly as likely to catch me looking at a gun as you are to catch me looking at a horse :)

    2. Besides, you aren't a cowboy, so the shirt doesn't apply to you in the first place.

    3. I told him that, and he gave me a funny look. :)

    4. Love it!!! You're awesome.

    5. Don't go to far. I am half cowboy.

    6. At least I'd rather be living were you do with the horses and sheep and chickens and goats and... wait I'm getting ahead of myself.

    7. Only half cowboy doesn't work, mister. It's either all or nothing in our neck of the woods! Maybe you're a cowboy-wanna-be......

  11. Loving the exchange! I agree with Lisa, if there's a horse, a guy, and a gun, I will be able to tell you all about the horse before I know what color the guy's hair is, much less that he's packing heat :p

  12. Oh and there's NO SUCH THING as a half cowboy. Ya either are or ain't and that's that!

    1. Amen, girl!!! You're right on target!

    2. Come, come, Jordanna. There isn't even cowboy in training?

  13. What do you think, Lisa? Can we give him cowboy in training? I tend to think cowboys are born not made...

    Of course it all depends on your definition of cowboy :)

  14. Hmmmm....I don't know. Cowboy-in-training? Different...to say the least!

    Yeah, most cowboys are born. But some are born into a disadvantageous situation...such as living in the city. Maybe those ones can be trained. That's kind of what happened to David... *whisper* - we're still working on him :)

    You can *always* tell the difference between a manufactured cowboy and an authentic one.

    Josie...I don't know if you were born to be a cowboy. Stick with your computers, my dear boy. You're doing quite well where you are, and I would hate for you to don your Wranglers and Ariats and flop. LOL

    1. Oh yes, the real country boys and cowboys are what they are no matter where they are or where they were born. I was born in the city, but nobody could ever accuse me of being a city slicker now! I am country all the way, and proud of it in a humble sort of way (I hope that's not sinful.... :(
      But hey, if we didn't have slicks, we wouldn't have a lot of nice things in life that we folks out here enjoy, so, its not bad per-se to be a slick. If God mad them that way, that's the way its gonna be!

  15. I didn't want to do it but you forced me.
    To quote the scriptures "Man looks on the outward apearreance (forgive the spelling) but God looks on the heart"

    1. A good cowboy is a cowboy at heart.

  16. I'd say Josiah picked the wrong forum for this debate. Out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. If, as you imply, you were a cowboy at heart, it would be evident. Think of the cowboys you know, and tell me honestly, have you any doubt?
    There's nothing wrong with being techie. Much as I like cowboys, one has only to look at the Old West to know that a world ruled by them is a bit unnerving.

  17. I want first want to know what David thinks of your post. And secondly, describe what a cowboy is before you say I'm not one. I can't understand your platform if you don't explain it.

    1. Of course I agree 100% with it being alright to be techie.

  18. If you want to know what David thinks, ask him. :)

    As for a definition of cowboy (cowboys and girls out there, correct me if I'm wrong):
    A cowboy must love horses. Like, really, love horses.
    A cowboy must love the outdoors.
    A cowboy cannot be afraid to get hurt or dirty.
    A cowboy should have at least some interest in the bovine kind.
    A cowboy must be thouroughly at ease with thundersticks.
    Cowboys come in one of two configurations: loud or quiet. I've yet to meet an in between.
    A cowboy should be pretty self sufficient.
    A cowboy wears boots. At the very least. Big belt buckles, a stetson, and a western shirt are not requisite, but still fairly standard.
    A cowboy should feel cooped up in a city. Unless he plans on going on a bender. Which is not recommended.
    A cowboy should be able to saddle, mount, and ride a horse, without either man or beast requiring a trip to the ER.
    A cowboy's grammar should need corrected periodically.
    A cowboy should be able to tell a really good story.

    Now, I am not saying you aren't any of these things. But unless I seriously misjudged you, you lack the number one qualification. You're not a horse lover.

    I will grant that you might be a country boy (the next best breed of men, which has many similarities to a cowboy. Key difference is it doesn't require a love of horses or wearing of Ariats).

    I could've done a blog post on this, I've typed so much :D But I'll shut my mouth (keyboard?!) with one final thought. If two people who know you so well (Lisa and David) and like you (in spite of the treatment you received on your birthday), question your cowboy-ness, it might be best to concede your case.

    Of course this is all typed with a really big grin on my face and no harm intended. You asked for my definition of a cowboy, and there you have it. You seem to be just fine without being a cowboy :)

  19. I overall agree with you...but I do have some disagreements.

    There is WAY more to a cowboy than "love of horses." They have to *know* horses. They have to know how to fix up a torn leg using hay string and other miscellaneous substances. They need to be able to foal out a mare without a vet's help. They need to know how to shoe a horse, how to train a horse, how to work and think like a horse.

    I disagree that a cowboy HAS to have bad grammar. You can have a wordy cowboy :)

    And I would add that Wranglers are a MUST. A good brand of boots (preferably Ariats) and Wranglers at least.

    You know...there's a difference between a modern cowboy and an authentic cowboy.

    There's the "cowboy" who is a horseman. He knows horses and works with horses, but they are not his sole means of living. He wears jeans and boots, but isn't an out-on-the-range, rough-n-tough cowboy.

    Then there's the real cowboy. He lives on the range and wears jeans that have been patched a million times and boots with the soles almost worn off.

    But, there is Something that all cowboys have in common. That inexplicable Something. That Something that lends a slight, confident swagger to their walk and a drawl to their voice. That Something that is just irresistibly western and awesome. That Something that makes it easy for them to swing a hay bale higher than their head and walk away...proud but not prideful.

    You gotta love a cowboy!!!!

    And, by the way, I don't even totally think of even David as a cowboy. He's a cowboy-wanna-be...but mostly country boy :)

    1. Yup, mostly on da kuntry boy end of da dial dair. (sed wid sum xtreem aksent der):D
      I would love to be a cowpoke someday, but I will never get to be my dream 19th century cowboy. Those were the real deal, and everything else is fake in comparison. You may not like my opinion but dats what it is. :)

    2. Yeah, it's more than love of horses, but I didn't want to sound new agey.

      And ... how to say this right?... If David ain't a cowboy, then I've only met one cowboy by Lisa's standards.

      A cowboy and a soldier... a lot of similarities. Some of the greatest men out there.

      Yikes, 19 th century cowboy? Great stories, tough guys, but oh heavens, they killed each other left and right. Maybe another qualifier needs to be added, something about a real cowboy loving God with all his heart. That might handle some of the less attractive old-time cowboy traits. :D

    3. Jordanna, it's not new-agey - it's old-westerny :)

      Yep...cowboys and soldiers. Those are MEN.

      I, too, have only known one real cowboy...as in could live on the range type cowboy. I know lots of modern cowboys, and they're pretty awesome, too, but nothing like the other. There are times (like almost always) that I heartily wish I had been born 150 years ago :D

  20. Amen, Amen, and Amen. Loved every one. The funny thing is that almost every one describes me to a T. The one problem is that I think I am in-between loud and quiet - or at least I am trying to. :)
    The girls disagree with me (D girls of course) I on the other hand, agree whole heartily with all of your assessments. Country boys sometimes have more favorable attributes than just straight cowboys, but it depends on the type of Cowboy and country boy, etc.
    Sorry Josie, you ain't a cowboy, or a country boy. Sorry to say it, but you have a ways to go. :)
    I would also add to that list that he has to be able to dismantle game and other large animals with relative ease. A certain must for the outdoor and country life.
    You're right again - Josie's grammar is more perfecter than it should be. Much too refined. He even stands like a techy. different types of people stand different way, and he definitely falls into the techy category. :P JK.
    But hey Josie, look on the bright side. If you were anything but what you are now, you wouldn't be you! That would be most tragic. We aren't saying we don't like you as you are, just was commenting on what you were not! I for a most certain fact and not techy. You are. Just mere statements of fact.
    So, just be content with what God has you as, and move on.

    1. Saying all of that of course in brotherly Christian love. I don't want to gossip about you. I would say all of that to your face - if it didn't look so sad when I said it as you normally do. :)
      You are just fine being a techy - that's who God made you to be. Enjoy it.

  21. I am debating leaving (not dropping) my case just to read your comments..... Debating over.
    According to Jordannas list I can fit pretty well, Lisa's list only demands a little practice (something I would like to get reguardless). I would like to argue with Jordanna and Lisa's demand for "CowboyBoots". I prefer practicality over looking cool (something David will agree whole heartedly on) Cowboy boots are not practical for anything beyond barnyard working and riding. If I went riding I would definetly wear cowboy boots, hiking, sword fighting, general day walking, working out landscaping, and most other things I would wear combat boots. If you consider button-ups "Cowboy shirts" I can give you a three hour speech about that (they don't do so swell in a fight), Polo's on the other hand are my favorite kind of shirt (being both practical in a fight and presentable for important events). Although I spend this much time typing my reply to the strong case presented before me I save my best argument for last. As for my "love for horses" Lisa and David unfortunetly haven't seen my "love for horses", mainly dot to the fact you also haven't seeen me around big horses. Just because I'm not apt to talk to the horse I'm standing next to doesn't mean I don't like the horse, it just means I'm not an animal whisperer :} All I need to know is how to put the tack (notice I do know what tack is) on the horse I will see you in a week (no computers in sight) after I get back from my camping trip.

    1. Oh Josiah, I am sorry to say it, but your cover is blown. I happen to know for a fact, that you and Luke brought your laptops to the prayer advance last year, and were busy typing around at 10:3o at night. Sorry pal, your techie to the core.
      BUT. That being said, as long as you are a man, deep down, aint afraid to get his hands dirty, can roll up his sleeves and work, it don't matter what you do for a living.
      Josiah, we like you the way you are. Don't change a thing or life would be far to boring. :)

    2. Shoot, yeah! Why, Jos, if you went cowboy, I'd have no one to argue with about computers anymore!!!

      And, BTW, cowboys don't wear cowboy boots to look cool. Why do you think all those guys in the 19th century wore them? *sigh* I don't think you'll ever understand...It's a cowgirl/cowboy thing, ya know ;D

      But, as David and Jordanna have said, you are awesome just how you are. You make for a ton of fun, and are one great little brother!! Don't worry about not being a cowboy.

      See ya!

  22. Sorry folks, I finally got to read your posts after, what a month?
    Any way, whimper, it moved me to tears reading your replys. Sob, sob, sob, sob, sob
    I could retort a couple things with David but as usually happened in this
    commenting, Lisa hits it almost spot on. Though I've never worried about being
    a cowboy, only pointing out the vast similarities between your definitions and
    myself. I must say though, in order to protect my reputation, I did not bring my
    laptop to the Prayer Advance, that was entirely Luke.
    Well, it was fun commenting with you folks. Perhaps this will be added
    to the "Commenting Hall of Fame"

  23. Moved *you* to tears?!?!? I must say, I am quite impressed with our eloquence then!

    And I don't believe that me hitting it almost spot on "usually happens," otherwise we wouldn't argue so much..... :D

    Or did you just say that because you always say that you and I are exactly alike, and you like being spot on?

  24. Well I take that back then, just now you were 5 miles off spot.
    I said that because in this commenting you have agreed with my
    opinion almost every time. David and Jordanna, though putting
    up a good fight, didn't hit it spot on, very many times.

  25. Oh no! I thought we had stopped kicking the dead horse! For the love of pete, Josiah! Where did I go wrong?
    Just out of curiosity, why are you so determined to be numbered among the cowboys?