“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Apr 27, 2012

Another baby!

This is our second to last baby of the year!! Sad in a way...but also good...I'm so exhausted!

We had another beautiful healthy colt born at 4:45 this morning!!

His birth was a little traumatic...the normal presentation for a horse is both front feet coming out first (staggered 3-6 inches apart) and then the nose. Well, we only had one foot coming. It took a little while, but I was able to go in and find the other foot and pull it out. God was definitely there with us and this little colt is so special! His little left front foot is especially precious to us :D

Any name suggestions? His daddy’s name was Steam Roller, and he died last July. This is his last baby... The name has to start with “I Am” (since we’re I Am Ranch) and so we’re thinking something like “I Am Steam Roller’s Last Dance” or “I Am Steam Roller’s Last Thunder” or something along those lines. Ideas??
Enjoy the pictures!

Sam looks like she's saying, "Yeah...you try doing that."

"Uh, guys?? How do I use these things?"

Meeting his fan club!

Giving David kisses

Our "chefs" (Mrs R and Anna) made a wonderful breakfast of biscuits and gravy (with watermelon!) that we enjoyed out at the barn.

We're tired...what else can we say? Well, actually, we're pretty goofy even when we're not tired.... *chuckle*

This baby boy is so relaxed!! Check out the position he's sleeping in!

Hugs!! He's so crazy little.

Totally goofy....all boy ;)


  1. That looks like an uncomfortable position to sleep in! (neck cramps!)
    Forgive my lack of farm knowledge, but why did you shave his face and neck? Though it does look pretty cool, like he's wearing a vest and helmet or something.

    1. That shave job is a huge cause of grief and much disturbance & conflict. My mom can’t stand a fuzzy baby. She wants to see what their head and neck look like, so no sooner are they out of the hatch then she’s on them with the clippers. I totally understand wanting to see what they look like, but at least give them a day! or two?? We argue over it every time. The funny shape is because she doesn’t want to take all the hair off...just enough to see. :D

  2. I'm surprised at how much darker the lower hair is than the longer hair. though I'd assume that that's pretty standard right?
    It does look like he's wearing a centurions helmet of a sort though.
    Then I suppose it's a good thing that human babies are born as smooth as... well, you know what they're as smooth as. ;)

    1. The darker color underneath varies depending on what color the horse is to start with. This little guy is a buckskin and, as babies, they are almost always darker underneath. He'll end up somewhere around his mama's color...we think :) They can be very undecided!

      Yes, smooth human babies are a good thing....God knew what He was doin' when He created "each according to its kind."

  3. You mean that it's a good thing that we evolved that way right? (note: That was very tongue-in-cheek) Yep, it's comforting to know that He's in control!