“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Jun 5, 2012


Weelll...it's now official! I'm graduated!!

And lately, I've been thinking about how fast time goes by. I know, it sounds a bit nostalgic, but the older I get, the more I realize how true it is that "man's life is but a vapor." 

The things that we get excited about and wait for so eagerly quickly become just a thing of the past. Just a memory. 

I think of last summer...we were waiting and waiting for our trip to Oklahoma last September, and it felt like September was an eternity away. Now it's been just over 8 months since that trip! 

In a few months, I'll turn 19, and then next year, I won't be a teenager anymore!! I remember so well my 13th birthday with everyone asking "How does it feel to be a teenager now?" 

We just have to remember to really enjoy whatever stage of life we're in. Because it'll be gone so fast, and we may just find that we want it back. I really like Trace Adkins' song "You're Gonna Miss This." It's just really, really true.

So anyways!!! *snapping out of whimsical daydream*

GRADUATION!!! It was wonderful! And my mom got to come! YAY!! Some awesome friends stayed here (huge thank you to David and Mrs R!!!!!) and watched our pregnant mare so that Mom could go. My grandparents were also able to come, and it was just a very special time.

Cathi Herrod (President of Center for Arizona Policy) gave the commencement address and did a wonderful job of it! It was a very appropriate speech with a heavy dose of Scripture. And the neat thing was that she is a personal friend of my grandparents, so they introduced me to her after the ceremony and we got to talk for a couple minutes!

The senior address was given by the graduate who won the speech contest...and that winner was the son of the pastor of our sister church, and long-time friend Gabriel Hudelson (check out his blog at www.allauthority.blogspot.com) As was to be expected, Gabe's speech was fantastic!!! We got the first minute or so on video, so I might try to post that at some point....

Here are pictures!
All the grads lined up. I'm somewhere in the third row back on the far side.


Cathi Herrod

A very fuzzy picture taken of the screen while I was getting my diploma...with Cathi Herrod.  You're going to have to please ignore how soft some of these pictures are. We had a technical mishap when the big flash ran out of batteries and the sister supposed to bring new ones forgot, and then the sister manning the camera didn't know how to work it, and it was very dark in there, and...and....and...there's not a lot of clear pictures :)

Another very fuzzy picture of me walking off of the stage


Me & Jessie

Me & Anna

Me & Jessie (again)

Me with my awesome Mom!!!!

2012!! I gotta say, those caps are terrible. They are super hard to make stay one, and they are so awkward and awful looking that it's impossible to make them anywhere close to attractive. Oh well, tradition, I guess.

Talking to friends afterwards

Friends leaving.....


(left to right) My dad, two friends from our sister church, Gabe, ??, our pastor, and another man from our sister church.

Gabe with his dad and little brother, Micah

The very sophisticated and uproariously funny Moriah (Gabe's younger sister)

And these are just random pics from afterwards.

The city at night can be fun for pictures.....unless you have a camera that gets grumpy after you put your ISO any higher than about 800.

On Saturday, my Aunt Lisa (mom's sister) and Uncle Jerry drove up from Tucson to spend the day with us. My aunt is an amazing cake decorator, and made me this beautiful cake....

My mom's family has an awesome sense of humor. While Aunt Lisa was decorating the cake, the rest of us sat around and gave "helpful" comments, and whoever came up with the dumbest comment would get a piece of the extra chocolate. We were in absolute stitches.

Finished product!!!! Isn't she amazing?!?! I mean, she could do this professionally!!

Me laughing at my grandma before blowing out candles!

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend filled with wonderful friends and family and lots of fun. It blows me away how supportive and encouraging people have been of me!!! I love you all!!!!! God has blessed me with an amazing family and very supportive friends. 

Thank you everyone!!!!

In Him!


  1. That is Wonderful Lisa....we were waiting with great anticipation to see what happened :))) God is so good and He allows us to be a part! Wow!
    Love the pics! Congratulations! Say hello to everyone for us. I was going through pic's for Jacob's grad party and found some of the time we all went riding before we moved. Such fun and wonderful memories! I will have to post some.
    Mrs. G

    1. Hi Lisa....I posted the pics on my blog.....what fun that day was. Enjoy the memories!
      Mrs. G

  2. Congratulations, Lisa!
    Great pictures--I like the ones of you sitting on the steps :)
    (Your hair is very pretty, by the way.)

  3. Thanks!!!

    Mrs G - I would so love to see pictures from that day!! That was fun :)

    Racheal - thank you :) Believe it or not, I just cut 8" off my hair a few weeks ago. So it feels so short to me :)

    1. Wow...8 inches...and it's still longer than mine! (If I cut 8" off my hair, it would be about shoulder blade length--only it would look shorter because it would 'bounce' :D Then I really couldn't control it!)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Justin! I wish somehow our families could have gotten together for either Jake's or my gradation, but, alas.... :) I'm grateful for internet, though :D

  5. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loved seeing all the pictures - you look great!! (I like the ones at night in the city - that's a neat idea)

    Congratulations again!!!!

    Lots of love,


    1. Thanks, girlfriend!!!!!!! You are so encouraging :)

      Love you!

  6. Congratulations Lisa!!!! That is too cool that you are done with school now! Hooray!
    You look very pretty in the pictures,the black dress was a good choice! The cake your aunt made for you is awesome. I do a little bit of cake decorating. What were the keys made out of? Reese's sticks? Good job getting through all those years of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Congratulations!! Loved the pictures. The city night light ones are awesome! And your cake was amazing. Your aunt is really great! I'm glad you went with the black dress, though the blue was just beautiful. :)