“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Jun 16, 2012

In which we have a baby horse, fix a flat tire, and go to Shooter's World

The past week has been very, very eventful! It started on Monday with the birth of our newest baby horse!! Treasure finally decided to let us meet her colt, and he is a beauty.

But then on Thursday, he started having troubles, and we were almost sure he had a ruptured bladder. So we packed him up and headed off to Chaparral (vet hospital) fully prepared for a very expensive surgery. Lots of friends were praying, and to our delight, the vet could find nothing wrong. She watched him, and said, "Yep, from what I'm seeing, he should definitely have a ruptured bladder." When she ultra sounded him and tested his blood level for high potassium, nothing showed up.

The vets all loved him!!
 She decided not to take him in to surgery and we left home..very grateful to God!!!

He weighed in at 30 lbs on their dog scale :)

 We left the vet’s around 1:30 PM – right in the middle of the hottest part of the day. As we’re driving down a very desolate part of the highway in the charming 104 degree heat, to our horror, we hear a huge bang from the back of the trailer and look back to see shreds of tire go flying into the air.

Surrounding us was flat, open, hot desert, but, providentially, the only overpass in miles was right in front of us. We were able to pull off in the shade and change the tire without worrying about overheating the horses, or ourselves!!! Amazing!! 

I asked, “Does anyone know how to change a flat trailer tire?” Mom looked at me, I looked at Jessie, Jessie looked at Mom..... “Nope.”
My face is spelling sheer determination.

So, we called my dad, got the general idea, and set to work. About 15 minutes later, we were hot, sweaty, tired, but triumphant!! We headed for home with no more catastrophes or sudden occurrences. God was so totally watching out for us that day. First in healing our little colt, then in bringing us shade for our flat tire!!

Jessie & I....yes, we ended up as dirty as the tire :)
On Friday, we went with some awesome friends to Shooter's World as a father's day gift for my dad and Mr. R. 

 None of us girls had ever been to an indoor shooting range, and had fun with the ear protection, eye protection, and more!

Jessie & I

Anna: "What is their problem??"
Noah ... and my dad....

David :) Camera wars as usual!

Anna shooting....

David giving me a lecture before he lets me use his gun LOL

Me shooting David's gun....I love it!!!
Mr. R
David giving my Mom a lecture before he lets her shoot his gun. LOL

My mom shooting David's gun. I LOVE this picture!!!

They had these targets that had a game mapped out on them that you had to take turns seeing who could shoot it closest. Anna, Noah, David, and I played it. Not very successfully :) (I don't know why I'm making such a ridiculous face...but I thought it was hilarious. Jessie says I look like a frog. haha)

Mrs. R shooting!

Me testing David's shooting skills :) I would call out a number on this target and he would have to shoot as soon as I called out the number. Tough stuff.

See that big hole in the bottom of the number 3? That is at least 6 rounds from David shooting my dad's .380! Impressive!

Oxymoron....the "do not shoot" sign is riddled in bullet holes!
It was a fun evening!!


  1. Grats on changing your first tire, Lisa. Nothin' to it really, eh?

    Now the shooting sounds like a blast, invite me next time, lol.

    Glad your colt was finally born and is doing well.

    God Bless,
    Flame of Jah

    1. Haha thanks :) You're right...it was actually pretty self explanatory once we got rollin'.

      You're welcome to come...but I think you live a loonng ways away :)

    2. Yep, it is a good 2500 miles I believe, lol, so guess I'll have to pass. My state does have the worlds largest gun show though...

    3. Aha...so you're in Oklahoma?? We were in Tulsa last September and I am so in love with it! I could so totally live there!!!!!

    4. Hey, how did you guess that? We are down south in the state, near Texoma.

    5. Mwahahah....I have my ways ;)

      We came through northern Texas, stayed with friends in Ringwood, went to Sulfur to pick up a trailer, and then went to Tulsa for the national miniature horse show. You are super fortunate to live there. Awesome state! So much green around Tulsa!!!

    6. We live just east of I-35, and right next to Texoma, and it is not so green here all the time lol. We live in the part of the state that breaks records. Like a week last year that every day had a sustained daily high of 115 or hotter.

    7. Oh yuck! We had that here, too. Our temps were up to 117, 118, and all our horses were getting sick. It was awful!

    8. We even had a day with a sustained high of 120. It was awful. You go outside and feel like you are melting, it looked like a depiction of hell that I saw in a movie once with all the heat waves. The wind made it worse to, like being in a convection oven or something, lol. All of this said, I love my home, don't get me wrong. It is a beautiful place in it's own way, and that is saying a lot coming from me, lol. It took me a long time to like this place, but now I love it, and I am so glad that God has put me here.

    9. Oh man! There was one fourth of July when we were sitting outside watching fireworks, and my mom said it felt like having a blow drier on high in your face.

      *sigh* I need to learn to be content here.....for having to live in Phoenix, I love our house and where we're at. I just wish we could transport it to somewhere greener and cooler :)

  2. Bravo to you girls for changing the tyre! :D I bet that was so satisfying.

    And that indoor shooting range looks like it was heaps of fun! You guys are so fortunate you get to do fun gun stuffs like that so easily! Awesome photos, as usual. :D I love some of the closeups... the artist in me wants to steal them for stock photos and design something with them! :D

  3. I've never been in an indoor gun range...but I love to shoot!
    That IS good shooting (the bottom of the 3)! I have never shot a group that looks that good--ever. A good group for me is 2 inches :) (By the way, is that a 9mm?)
    I love the pictures!

  4. BushMaid - Thanks! It was extremely satisfying. Very fun! It's still funny to me that you don't do things with guns a lot. I'm learning to enjoy it more and more. I wasn't too keen on the indoor range though. Kind of nerve rattling ;) I'll stick with going out to the desert!!

    Racheal - that group was with my dad's little .380 and, as David found out, it's quite accurate! The gun that my mom, Anna, and I are shooting belongs to David and it is a Springfield XDM .40. David doesn't like 9mm's LOL

  5. For the love of pete Lisa, you make it sound like I give everybody a sound rating before I let them hold my gun! In reality you all asked me to show you how to do it. *sigh* Silly sis.

    @Racheal, the funny thing was that I wasn't even trying to be accurate. I was just plugging the target for kicks, then pulled back the target and had a bit of a surprise!
    And Yes, my gun is a .40. I am a .40 fan. :)

    1. Ha!! When I put that as captions, I told Jessie, "David's going to give me a hard time for that." You are getting predictable :)

      Yes, I did ask you....and I'm glad that you'll teach me! I just had to razz you ;)

    2. That Sounds so fun Yall are Crazy lol Blessings PtL!

    3. Hey...I know who this Anonymous is!! :) :) :) Thanks, Adam!

  6. Hmm... I left a comment yesterday and thought it went through, but I guess it didn't. Or maybe it did and you deleted it because I was out of line somehow - lol!! Hopefully you're not tired of hearing from me. :)

    I'll try again!!

    Great job on changing the tire!! Isn't it neat to see God's hand at work and watch His providence?! He gave you shade and He stayed a storm that was building right over us when we had a blow out tire on our way home. He is so good to us!! I have to constantly remind myself to see Him in the "little" things.

    Congrats on your new little colt!! He is so cute and I'm glad he's okay!!

    I'm glad you like Oklahoma. You're welcome to move here anytime!! :). I can't believe its been nearly 9 months since you were here - that was such a blast!!! I need to figure out a way to get back out to AZ - you might have to help me think on that. :). In the meantime you're always welcome here!!

    I love to go shooting!! That is such an awesome shooting place - we don't have one like that!! We should go together sometime...

    Blessings on your day!!


  7. I almost couldn't get it to work this time either!!

    Think it finally did though. :)

    love you!


  8. Lisa......this reminds me.....I said to Justin......this is one more reminder that I do not know how to change a tire. I live in a house full of all males and they do it for me :-) but there will come a time that I am by myself and may need to know what to do. Mr. G says......I'll get you triple A :-))) Now, that's a thought.
    As for living some where greener.......the mini's here would be so much harder to keep looking so lean. When we came back I was amazed at how heavy all the horses looked. Not near as trim and fit as they do in AZ....all that green grass can be dangerous :-)
    Beautiful little baby horse and so glad for how God provided!
    Mrs. G.

  9. Savannah...Your first comment showed up in my spam box today :) God was so good to us that day...amazing!!! If you come out to AZ, we can round up some of the other shooters in church and go out to the desert...that'd be AWESOME!!! Miss ya!

    Mrs G....it's not really that hard once you start going. Triple A would work too, though ;) Ha! Green grass and fat horses. This is true :)