“Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won't also cost you yours.”
~Rich Mullins

Jun 8, 2012

Puppies, Chickens, and other random farm things

This post is just going to be a little bit of catch up on our life of late. Most of it has to do with animals, of course!

Right now, we have two of the most adorable litters of puppies ever!!! The first is from my little Papillon, Joy, and the second is from our huge Lab, Dandy. And the most exciting thing of all is that we're keeping a pup from each litter!!!

This is Lexy, our new little Papillon girl!!

And her brother, Turbo. He is going to live with the lady who is #1 in the nation in Senior Pro Barrel Racing!! Pretty cool!

Our new Lab girlie...Annie. She is going to be one big girl.

And the other Lab pup, Finley.

Lately, we have had quite the boom in our Serama chicken breeding program. Anna and Jessie (and recently, my mom) have lots of these little guys and breed and sell them extremely successfully. I am really not into chickens, but I love this rooster.

His name is Chico, and he is in love with my mom. If she goes to the end of the pasture, he will follow her all the way down and back, running as hard as he can. He is super cute and I love this picture of him that I got yesterday.

Here's some of his babies

 The other night, my dad took me out to the mountain range by our house to try and get a picture of the moon rising over the hills. He had seen it the night before as he was coming back from his mountain bike ride that he does out there, and said it would make a really neat shot. So of we traipsed to try and get a cool picture.

Well, we figured out that the moon does NOT come up anywhere around the same time each night! We waited for over an hour after he had seen it the night before, and no moon. It didn't come up until about an hour and a half later.

The upside of it was that we got to see a whole bunch of deer!!!!

Up in the mountains looking out towards the city.

Just a neat picture I got in the rear view mirror...I'd never tried a rear view mirror shot before, and I thought it was pretty cool.

I have saved the best for last....

Meet Tex!!!!!

The new guardian of our herd. Looks quite ferocious, huh??

He should come on Sunday from some great friends in Colorado!! We are getting him to sadly replace our wonderful Marshall (a.k.a. Dude) who is really hurting from hip dysplasia and will have to be put down soon. He has been such an amazing and wonderful dog, and we are just hoping that Tex will be like him.

Me = EXCITED!!!!!

Tex is closely related to this gorgeous doggie, Dixie, who belongs to our "adopted" family.

This is a really, really gorgeously stunning video that my aunt sent me. These are Fresians that are actually from Fresian, The Netherlands and it just gives me chills to watch these horses.

We are still waiting on that silly mare to have her baby. She is now 11 days overdue, and we are going totally crazy. C'mon Treasure!!!!

Does anyone have any fun plans for the summer? We are just going to be hanging out here taking care of animals and turning misters on and off :)

I hope to take a couple online photography classes now that I'm done with school and have some more time. I also have my senior recital coming up, so I'm up to my eyeballs in music to get ready....a Bach Prelude & Fugue, two different Chopin pieces (the Fantasie-Impromptu, and a Nocture), two different Beethoven sonata movements, two different Brahms pieces (a Rhapsody and an Intermezzo), Etincelles by Mozkowski, Hoe-Down by Copland.....you get the idea :P

We're still loving our worldview curriculum, and are just getting into the American Revolution. Very, very interesting stuff. How many of you have read the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers?? What do you think?? Should America have a standing army?? I'm really excited to dive into this.

Ta ta for now!!!


  1. You already know my opinion on the revolution.
    I thought Tex came today?
    I do those rear-view shots of myself all the time - fun stuff.
    That Chico shot is funny - goofy rooster.

    1. Yeah, well, I really only brought up the revolution stuff because of you because I haven't gotten there yet :)

      Tex comes tomorrow. Mrs. C called this morning around 7 and said that he was on his way, but the lady bringing him is going to stop for the night instead of driving straight through.

      I know you do those shots all the time...I've only seen half a million LOL

    2. Well, I've got a government post and a post on the issue of a standing army in the works. Lengthy stuff I tell you what.

    3. I figured ;) Looking forward to it!

  2. Pretty puppies--I'm partial to Chocolate Labs.

    What georgeous horses! That video was impressive...the way the music matched the hooves was pretty neat. (I am supposed to notice stuff like that since I'm a beginning filmmaker ;) )

    Me! I read the Anti-Federalists and a good chunk of the Federalist papers for school. (Are you by any chance doing David Quine's curriculum?) I would like to read them again. As for a standing Army--well...in this day and age, yes! It is my opinion that it is good to always have a standing army, even if quite small--that way if there is war there is somebody who knows the ropes. (One of the reasons I think militia's are a good idea.)

  3. Those puppies are too cute and I got a kick out of that rooster!!! LOL!!!

    I've read some of the Federalist Papers a few years ago-I'm looking forward to digging in more (that's actually one of my "continuing education" pursuits that I haven't yet gotten to!). As far as the standing army goes, I need to study more of our founders intentions as well as both sides of the issue, before I could give an educated answer. I could make something up, but I don't think that would be very helpful. :) I would have to say yes, but I think that we've strayed from our founders beliefs as to how it should be carried out as well as the fact that I think we've over done it a little in this day and age as far as its jurisdictions and duties etc. (if that makes since). I think it's too big like a lot of other things today... Like I said, I need to study it out a little more!!

    Glad you're all doing well and I enjoyed the pictures!'

    Love you!


  4. Cute dog, my parents just got two of them as well!

    In short: In this day and age, we do not want a "standing army". It would just (and is) become a tool for our government to control us. Or do whatever they want to outside of America. That's why even funding for war has to be renewed by congress every two years so it would be more difficult to have one for extended periods of time. According to my understanding only the navy was initially intended to always be active; being to protect America from invasion.

    A national guard that is controlled by the states (which is how it was intended), yes. A large army that is used as world police; I'm not so sure about.

    Oh, and if every able-bodied American man was taught in the use of arms and defensive tactics, we would be quite safe. Except in this day and age the Air Force should be active (minus the drones).

    Fun topic!

    1. AHA! Somebody FINALLY agrees with me! It's a topic almost nobody thinks about, but is very critical to the freedom of any nation. You stated my opinion exactly. A standing army is merely asking to be a tool for tyranny. Glad at least a few people out there agree with me.
      Wish you were here Tyler! Hope you's guys doin well up there!

  5. Racheal - yes, we are doing David Quine's curriculum...and loving it :) Did you do it?

    Savannah - I think you'll really like reading all of it. I wish you all lived closer and we could do it together!!

    Tyler - I heard your parents just got two...I think they may be siblings to our pup! Wow, you sound just like David about the standing army. No standing army...but a citizen militia.

    Good stuff!!

    1. My older sister did it...I did it...and my little sister is currently doing it. It is a great curriculum in my opinion. I think everybody ought to do it :) It teaches one to think...